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How to Choose a Team Mom When Coaching Youth Football

Team Moms in Youth Football

Team moms perform a very important task in youth football teams and should be chosen very carefully. The reason most youth football coaches only coach a year or two is because the time commitment and the parent communication part just take too much out of them. The team mom can be a great resource to unburden the youth football coach of many of these undesirable duties. For my organization a good team mom is a very important coach and player retention tool.

As a coach, I just don’t have the time or interest in doing any of the below duties and if I did, it would probably affect my coaching.
Things a good team mom should be doing:

Prints out all communication pieces
Hands out all communication pieces to parents and players
Manages and records results of our academic accountability program
Hands out weekly awards
Makes all phone calls when practice or game times change
Coordinates after game pop
Coordinates Chain Gang Crew and game field set-up for the week
Plans and executes the end of season banquet

These are all things a good team mom can accomplish, but having the wrong team mom can be a real problem too and creates more work than you save yourself. I found there were a number of attributes that my best team moms have:

Self Starter
Can Follow Instructions
Does not get flustered easily
Consistent and dependable
Cares about all the kids, not just her son
Not a gossip
Not a worry wart
Must have a computer, printer and e-mail
Must have cell phone

Choose your team mom very carefully, firing one midseason is just out of the question and living through an entire season with a bad one is NOT a pleasant experience. At our parent meeting at the very first practice, I spell out to the parents that we have to have a team mom, because if we don’t I just don’t have the time to manage all those other activities and we just won’t have things like academic awards, pop after games, etc. I then tell them the attributes we are looking for with a heavy concentration on the “Needs minimal direction from me” attribute. Like anything else in coaching, it is all about setting expectations.

I have been blessed with an incredible team mom the last 2 years and she has taken on a big chunk of the duties many coaches are required to do themselves. In the end you have another stakeholder in your organization and someone that is invested and committed to making it work. It is amazing what a little ownership can do to the attitude and work ethic of some people.

Don’t try to do everything when coaching youth football, it will burn you out and rob your family of more time than it should. “Hire” a great team mom, let her know how you want her to work with you, the parents and players and let her run with it.

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