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Game Results Starting to Pour In:

While many of us have yet to play a game and others have just had their first football practice, or are just putting their football plays in this week, some teams are already playing real games.

Here are the results from a group that I’m following closely.
This is from a great bunch of guys that I did a hands on clinic for. They had 50 coaches at the clinic and all of their teams from age 7-14 are using my system and following it to a T, offense, defense, special teams, and the daily practice plans:

I thought I would give you an update of how my 6th grade team did this weekend. We had our first 2 games, one on Saturday and one on Sunday. We won 14-0, and 28-6 (they scored there touchdown by stripping the ball and taking it for a TD) We rushed for 458 yards, and passed for 50 yards and a touchdown. We had 5 different kids score touchdowns. Defensively we did not give up a touchdown. Last year with basically the same kids we scored 5 touchdowns the whole season! We have scored more touchdowns in 2 games this year than we did in a full season last year. We still have to improve, but we are excited where we are. Thanks.

Coach Tony Jennings Lakota Stallions

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