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Our 8th Football Practice of the Season

Our 8th Youth Football Practice of the Season

It cooled down about 10 degrees today so we were able to keep our helmets on for most of practice today for a change. With just 3 more football practices before our first league game, here is what we did:

In pre-practice, we did a mini tryout of punters and punt returners for the older team.

As usual we started with our dynamic warmups and angle form tackling for about 10 minutes. We then broke up the backs from the linemen. The linemen worked on our wedge, double team blocks both on dummies and then live. We worked our first two steps and we did a quick blocking rule quiz. We finished up with crab blocking against tall bags, the first time we have been able to crab block so far this season.

The backs started with doing splatter blocking drills into a landing matt. The backs then went right into repping our football plays out 20 yards with defenders at the point of attack using shields and going full contact.

We brought the linemen and backs together for 40 minutes of repping football plays on air, then fit and freeze versus a �scout defense�, then live on defenders with shields at the point of attack. The older team has everything in and are fairly proficient, the �Sainted Six�, wedge, mouse and full spin series are all is as well as our 3 off-tackle adjustments. For football plays, the younger kids have just the �Sainted Six� in as well as some of the wedge series, that is probably all we are going in with for the first game. This is a very weak squad with zero depth and virtually no experience.

We used the last 15 minutes of football practice to rep our kickoff team and install our kick return team.

Next week we bring it all together. I�m having to stay on my coaches about keeping the pace up, I can still do 3 play or drill reps to their one, I have to stay constantly vigilant.

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