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Week 1 Youth Football Results

Week 1 Results

We went up to Plattsmouth to play our rival Blue Devils on Sunday. This is a great clean Youth Football rivalry, playing against very well coached teams and hard hitting tough kids. We have been playing Plattsmouth since we put the system in 6 years ago and they own one of the 2 wins in our 62-2 run. We always meet each other with smiles and hugs, one born from respect. They always challenge us and make us a better youth football team.

Here is how it went:

My 5th-6th grade team won 38-8. We opened up with shutting their offense down on a 3 and out. On offense we scored on a 3 play drive of our own with our base off-tackle, wedge and Mouse/Half Spin series football plays. After another 3 and out we scored on the first play on a very well executed base off-tackle run. The runner was never touched on the play, outstanding blocking. We got the ball back on a turnover and scored again, this time on a 10 play drive on a series of spinner football plays to take it to 20-0 after just 8 minutes of play. On this TD, the defense had no clue who had the ball and I think the referee lost it too, as our back had to hand the ref the ball from behind.

We went up 28-0 after just 11 minutes of play and then the running clock started per the rules in our league. We had subbed our entire 2nd team in on both offense and defense after we were up 20-0, so we were running just base straight series plays. On defense the Plattsmouth team started out in a 6-2 and were bearcrawling. They came out of that early and were squeezing the middle down. The sweep plays was there for the taking, but we wanted to prove to our kids our inside game would work against anyone in spite of the fact we have just 1 single �Striped� player above 120 lbs and they had 4-5. When we swept, we had huge gains or scored, but we only ran 3-4 of them. Our football plays looked pretty tight even with the backups. We had our wing blow one motion, but other than that we executed extremely well on offense for a first game.

We had 2 penalties and no turnovers and the Blue Devils gave us 3. Both fumbles were caused by vicious hits and we got an interception by a backup corner on a ball that was thrown pretty well. We have a few things to work on including our open field tackling this week. In the end we had 9 different ball-carriers tote the rock. We played against probably the toughest safety and running back in the league #28. The Blue Devils scrimmaged a team last week that quit on them after just a few plays after being bludgeoned by this tough kid.

Our younger squad didn�t fare as well, dropping a heart breaker 13-6. My team of 19 kids age 8-9 of which only 3 have played before. We are playing with just 4 nine year olds and even have 2 seven year olds playing early. Needless to say, I expected this team to lose pretty badly, so 13-6 isn�t so bad considering the circumstances. The other team coached by my friend Rich D, is always well prepared and Rich said about half his squad of 25 had played before. They had 3 big 120 lb kids playing the middle that did a nice job, as we have just 1 player over 90 lbs and he is 7 years old.

We started off slow on defense, with our rookie Defensive Ends not doing a very good job of containment. We could not get anyone to scrimmage us, which hurt us quite a bit. On offense we were able to crack a few first downs, but were not able to put it in the endzone. While we had nice perimeter and kick-out blocks, our lead blocks need a lot of work. We tackled fairly well but need to be just a bit better on alignment. We did not shift over as well as we should as this team came out in an unbalanced look on 7-8 football plays and caught us out of position once for a TD, as our playside corner thought he heard he was supposed to blitz instead of hearing our defensive line was supposed to shift.

We were down 13-0 and game back to make it 13-6 and even had the ball on our opponents 20 yard line with less than 2 minutes left. Unfortunately we dropped a perfectly thrown 18 sweep pass and turned it over on downs.

Lots of this is correctable and I expect they will play much better after another week of football practice and good football coaching. We tackled fairly well, we had no turnovers and just 2 penalties. If we improve each week, play to potential and stay injury free I would hope we could over-perform and go .500.

At the end of the game we exchanged the Rival Trophies, pop and our buddies at Plattsmouth treated our kids like Royalty as usual, free Ice Cream at Dairy Queen. Gosh I wish everyone �Got It� like these guys do. Great games, big hits, and great sportsmanship. Head Coaching back to back games was a chore though.

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