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Game Results:

This weeks big game turned out to be just that. It came down to a handful of football plays. Here is how it turned out:


My age 7-9 all rookie team won 26-6 in the opener. This is a team we were hoping would be a .500 team as we lack any experience and are by far the youngest team in the league. This youth football team is progressing well, right on track and may even have a chance at winning out. For the second straight week we got out to an early 14-0 first quarter lead running our base offensive plays, nothing fancy, just good execution. Of the first 6 football plays, 5 were perfectly blocked, where our running back went untouched for his first 10 yards. We even scored on a �Mouse Series� tailback half spin series play, a series we are running fairly well right now.

Our defense is starting to play with confidence and aggression now and we are using all of our base stunts, stunting on about 35% of the snaps. The gang tackling and pursuit are now about where we want them to be. The other team got just 1 first down in the first half and no positive yardage on sweeps against our first team defense. No matter how many pursuit drills you do, there is nothing like game experience to help develop that timing. Our defensive ends are consistently playing the correct technique and responsibility for the 2nd week in a row. The other team got a late score on our backups, as we subbed generously after taking a
26-0 third quarter lead. With our Labor Day Weekend forfeit ( After seeing our planned opponent play I see now why they forfeited) this team is now 3-2.

Our age 10-11 team lost 22-14 in a very hard fought game. We were playing an undefeated unscored upon team on their home field. After reviewing the film it�s quite possible we could have had a 24-0 lead in this game, but a �perfect storm� wiped out our quest for a perfect season.

Here is how it went:

First series, we march it right down the field. After the season is over I will chronicle the play selection out of our playbook. We included a new play series for this one and it was very successful right out of the gate. This team has seen us play the last 6 years and has scouted us this year as well, we play several of their ‘”sister” teams. We got the kickoff and moved the ball to the other teams 20 where we scored on the ensuing play, no wait a flag, holding, way away from the play and no one can see it even on film. Back to the 30 we run another play down to the other teams 10 and on the backs way to the ground he fumbles, they take over on the 8.

We hold them on defense, 7 plays and punt. We get it and methodically move the chains, 3,4,9 yard a pop. We score from the 20 make our kick 8-0 us. They go 3 and out. We take over on our 40. Again move right down the field and are on the other teams 15 yard line, we run a play that gets down to the other teams 5, penalty, holding. March us back we end up 4th and 8 and get 7 yards, petering out at the 10. So we left 2 TDs on the field in a game we could have been up 24-0 so far.

On defense now, our DT lines up in the wrong gap and they break a misdirection play up that gap for a 30 yard gain to get out of the hole. With just seconds left they throw a Hail Mary pass that should be intercepted by either of two players we have draped over the receiver, I mean it is a wish and prayer pass and he catches it and they score with 3 ticks left on the clock. We had a great rush on as well and on film you ask yourself how did he make that catch?

We kick off to start the second half and have them in several 3rd and longs with great pursuit and angles but their nifty little QB gets off some last second pitches on the option and our corners play out of position to yield several key first downs. They score to take the lead and miss their PAT 2 point kick, it�s 14-8 them.

We come right back, running our base stuff with a few minor twists, again more on that in 2 weeks or so. We methodically move the chains and score on a real well executed sweep play with motion from about 15 yards out. We miss our kick, game tied 14-14 and they have yet to stop our offense.

They get the ball and go 7 and out but use up some clock. We move the ball down to their 30 but one of our crab blockers gets called for a �leg whip� away from the play, our least aggressive minimum play player. We look to score on a perfectly blocked spinner blocking back wedge play but our blocking back flubs the perfect snap and we lose a yard. The penalty and give away play hurts our drive and we end up missing the first down by 2 yards, giving the ball up on the 22.

They keep a drive alive with a “facemask” call “in the pile”. We then again have our DT out of position, he is in the wrong gap and the worst thing that can happen happens, we blitz a LB through the same wrong gap, the proper gap for the LB, the wrong gap for the DT. With no one there to take on the runner, he scores untouched.

Now comes the series where they got their one legit stop of us the whole game. We again are moving the ball well, we have a perfectly blocked mouse 22 wedge play, probablky the best one we had al day and our fullback flubs the perfect snap, turning a 10 yard + gain to a 2 yard loss. We end up with fourth and 1 � and they stop us.

They go 3 and out, losing about 10 yards, so we get one last chance with about 1:45 left from our 35 as the other team has been doing a great job of using up every second of the clock they can. We are running and throwing right down the field but are out of time outs. We complete 2 consecutive passes and are on their 20 with 29 ticks left, We run an 18 sweep pass, looks like it�s not open and our tailback scrambles up the sideline for a gain of 10 but doesn�t get out of bounds. We line up, the refs toss the ball in and we get a haphazard snap to our BB with no play called and he gets tackled on a confusing play that looks like something out of Stanford/Cal on the last play.

We played hard, but too many penalties, small misques and points left on the field left us with the loss that could have been a blow out win. Up to this game we had only 1 holding calls and no “leg whip” or facemask calls. The other team had great speed and aggressiveness, this was a very physical game played by both teams. We are now 4-1 with the forfeit.

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