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Our 12th Football Practice of the Season

Our 12th Youth Football Practice of the Season:

On Thursday, both of my teams practiced at the same time. This was primarily an offensive day. Our youth football league does not schedule games on Labor Day weekend. Unfortunately, we were unable to schedule an extra game like we normally do on this weekend.

We sent out over 75 e-mails, no takers.

This is what we did:

After our normal 10 minute dynamic warmups and angle form tackling with no helmets on, we got into it. Both of our offensive lines worked double team blocks, crab blocks and wedge fits. We have now progressed to the point we are wedging �live� on most reps with a coach holding a shield at the wedge apex and another coach tossing dummies at the feet of the rest. We moved onto some pass blocking technique drills, including our �ride it out� drill where the goal is to stay in front of the defender but once he makes his move, we move him out of the play in the direction he has chosen.

Meanwhile the backs ran our field blocking drill, detailed in previous posts here on the blog. They then went into base skeleton reps, running our football plays with other players at the Defensive End, Linebacker and Corner positions. The defenders were holding shields and were �live�, trying to make the tackle, while our backs got a chance to work on some of their open field blocking we had just practiced.

We did nearly an hour of team offense and repping our football plays, before breaking the younger team out to work on their kickoff and kick return teams. To get our conditioning in, we ran all plays out 20 yards and reset the ball at 20 each time. The age 7-9 kids now have 10 football plays in their playbook, the age 10-11 kids have about 18. With the exception of adding in some motion on some plays and running the plays out of complementary sets, we probably have our playbook set for the season. The older team repped their plays using our no-huddle wrist band system as I called the football plays in from the sidelines.

Both teams ran our football plays on air for about 25 minutes, then with coaches and players holding shields at the point of attack in fit-and-freeze mode for 25 minutes. Both teams practiced their base adjustments with the younger team mostly working on �under�. The older team is now working our base plays out of the base formation as well as 2-3 others.

Our next football practice will include a scrimmage for the older kids againt a team from Lincoln, as the younger group will be left to my assistants to work on defense and special teams.

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