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Some More First Game Results

Lots of Game Results coming in these days. I love the turnaround stories, here’s a good one:


I just wanted to let you know how my 8-10 football team did in our first game we played tonight.

Let me first start by letting you know that I have had this core group of kids (7 kids) since they were eight years old. We went 0-10 the first year and 1-9 last year for a combined record of 1-19. Tired of see these talented kids lose games because of my inability to successfully coach them, I began searching the Internet for study guides and books to help me be a better coach. That’s when I found your web site.

After reading your tips and blog section for a couple of months, I realized that I was doing everything that you point out in your book that losing teams do. So, I bought your book. The number one best decision that I have every made for my youth football team.

I implemented the practice plans, defense, special teams, and offense just as you have outlined the book and here are the results.

We ran 16 power two plays in a row for our first touchdown in our opening drive and followed it with the 22 wedge for the extra point.

We ran 43 reverse for our second touchdown after running 16 power and 18 sweep until the defense over adjusted. We missed our extra point try because of a bad snap.

We ran 31 trap for our third touchdown in the first quarter and followed it with mouse 23 power for the extra point to make the score 20-0 with four minutes left in the first quarter.

We ran mouse 47 sweep for our next touchdown in the second quarter and did not convert the extra point to make it 26-0. We put in our second string for the rest of the game and just run the clock until halftime.

We scored one more time in the second half on a 32 wedge and converted a 18 sweep pass for a two point conversion for a 34-0 lead.

Our subs played all but our first drive of the second half to a 34-0 win.

On defense, we only allowed 2 first downs all game and they only crossed midfield twice the entire game.

Dave, thanks for putting in all the time and hard work and for making this information available for me to use.

Coach Carter
8-10 Falcons
Cedartown, GA

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