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Week 2 Game Results

This Weekends Youth Football Results

Week 2 of our regular season saw improved play from both of my teams. The 5th-6th grade team won 37-0 and the 2nd-4th grade all rookie team lost 7-6 in a squeaker.

Here are the details of the games:

As many of you know I�m competitive, but am not a fan of shutting opponents out in blow outs in youth football. Unfortunately our youth football league has set up divisions where not all the teams play each other and the tie breaker is least amount of points given up. I think it�s a terrible rule and as distasteful as it may be, we have to play for the shutout. We concentrated this week on playing better defense and had a goal this week of giving up zero first downs, we came close, giving up just 2. About 25% of the snaps were negative yardage plays as we stunted about 30% of the time. We got one interception and one fumble recovery.

On offense we kept it basic, our wedge series looked very tight, scoring with it twice. When they bunched we ran outside with both straight, spinner and half spin series plays. We were 3-3 passing, with one going for a score. Our passing game work paid off a little it seems. We were up 16-0 in the first quarter and 24-0 after 3 possessions, as our 2 point PAT kicks looked pretty solid. The other team was coming off the ball hard, so the trap worked real well also. All our offensive football plays were clicking and our kids blocked well to the whistle. We were consistently beating them off the ball with our little linemen. We were up 37-0 at the end of 3 as time passed quickly with the running clock and our backups getting all the snaps on offense. We didn�t run a single adjustment out of our playbook. We had no turnovers and just one penalty.

My rookie 2nd-4th grade team lost a heartbreaker 7-6. We got down early 7-0 even though we moved the ball up and down the field. The other team went 3 and out several times, we always got 3-5 first downs then stalled. We have no breakaway threats so we have to be patient with 3-4 yard gains and play mistake free youth football to be able to compete. Just before the half we got to the 10 yard line as time expired. We completed two nice 18 Sweep Passes on the drive as we have been the only team to throw at this age group in our first 2 games. We drove the length of the field in the 3rd quarter to make it 7-6, running lots of off-tackle and wedge plays as well as a few tailback half -spin mouse series football plays. We gave up just 2 first downs in the second half as our little guys now seem to be �getting it�. We were threatening to take the lead as time ran out, so it was an exciting game, what youth football probably should be. On the positive side, we had zero penalties, no turnovers and we got the other team to jump our �no play� 7 times. My goal for this rookie squad was a .500 season and I think they have a shot at it.

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