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Week 3 Results

Week 3 Results:

Our 2nd-4th grade youth football team won 26-0 and our 5th & 6th grade team won 37-0 this weekend. Both teams played very aggressively on defense as we saw lots of great gang tackling by both teams this weekend.

This is how it went:


The younger team played very well this week in spite of turning the ball over for the very first time this season. We scored on our first two drives of the game, both on off-tackle football plays that were blocked very well. We went to the �under� call with our wingback blocking on the playside linebacker, as this teams defensive ends were playing pretty wide and would have been impossible for our wing to go around and still get to the linebacker. This team called timeout and over-adjusted to our unbalanced line, so we ran a wing reverse and scored on the very next play. The nasty/tunnel adjustment worked real nice against this team as we scored on it the first two times we ran it, textbook stuff right from the book.

Our wedge is starting to come together and while our player running it still hasn�t quite figured out when to bust out of the wedge, we are still making consistent 4-5 yard gains on it. We were able to get a rotation going on the left guard, wingback and left end spots to get some weaker players some additional snaps on offense.

On defense the little guys looked pretty good, giving up just 1 first down. The opposing team had won one game, but they didn�t look real sharp. They did a bunch of trips and twins stuff, but were 0-6 passing and usually just ran up the gut, while trying to spread our kids out. Since we only have 19 kids on this team, we are now subbing 3 of our weaker kids in on offense and the other 3 in on defense at one of the bearcrawler postions. We now have a stronger player at one of the bearcrawler spots, and leave him in while we rotate the other 3 at the other spot and safety. We were much more aggressive this week running razor and gunner stunts almost every play. While we didn�t get any turnovers, we did have about 35% of the defensive snaps go for negative yardage. Next week we work on our trap, buck wedge series and blocking back wedge football plays and our pass defense vs trips and double twin sets.

The 5th-6th grade kids dominated a 1-1 team, winning 36-0 in a running clock shortened game. They were heavily keying our QB/TB, so we right away went to the spinner series football plays and scored 2 quick touchdowns in the first quarter. We were 3-3 passing again and got a TD pass on a nice sweep pass play. They were diving our wedge, so they gave us the edge and we made a living there all day. Even with the diving, later in the game we were able to move the ball on the wedge, as we train our linemen and backs to keep their knees up and hop over divers. We scored on our Mouse Series to the wing and moved the ball consistently with our first team offense, we scored on every possession again this week.

On defense we were smothering all day and stunted heavily from the opening gun with both razor and gunner stunts. The other team did not get a first down with the exception of one by penalty. After watching the film, the other team had negative 114 yards and was 0-4 passing with one interception.

This week we go back to work on our special teams as last week we really worked on defense, defensive tackles and crawlers penetrating and open field tackling. Our older kids play the only team that has beaten them in 3 years this coming week. We lost in OT to them last year 12-6. They are a well coached youth football team, have a lot of speed and are 3-0 for the year.

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