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Game 7 Results

Was really happy about this weeks results. My all rookie age 7-9 youth football team is really coming on strong, hitting on all cylindars now. Every week they are getting better, now they are pretty good little football team. Played a 4-1 team that had shut out 3 opponents. Score in first half- down 7-0, tied 7-7, down 14-7, tied 14-14. Up 21-19, up 28-19. We scored with 3 ticks left from their 35, they widened everyone out, looking for the 43 reverse. We ran 16 power and scored. They were in a 6-5 and sometimes an 8-3. They were on all fours in our A&B gaps so the 16 was begging to be run. On 2 different drives we ran nothing but the 16 power, EVERY PLAY. On 4th and 2 from our own 40 they bunched everyone in tight and moved their best kid as an additional off-tackle LB, we ran 43 reverse for another score.

We didn’t tackle as well as we normally do, but ended up winning anyways 47-26. Our first team offense scored on every possession including a 43 reverse and a beautiful untouched Mouse 32 wedge ( T series, TB 1/2 Spin BB wedge). They finally moved to a different defense and stacked another LB in the off-tackle hole. Back to the wedge. We are now 5-2, and no way anyone wants to play us now. This with a team I thought we woud be real lucky to go .500 with. Would love to have those 12-6 and 7-6 first two games back.

Our older age 10-11 team came out smoking against a 3-2 team that had won 52-0 the previous week. Before you batted an eye we were up 24-0 in the first quarter with a mix of off-tackle runs, spinners and jet sweep plays. Once they were biting on the jet, we ran lots of stuff underneath it. Our jump pass was right on the money.

This team had 3 kids diving our wedge but they dived it at a weird angle that only took the center/LG portion of the wedge out, so my RBS just adjusted and we ran the darn thing anyways 6-7 times for nice gains and a long TD (Spinner BB wedge). We were up 32-0 on first possession of the third quarter, so I got all my linemen but 1 the ball. Had 12 different ball carriers and my RT even scored, as we ran the linemen and all the backups at the 16 power ( TB off-tackle Strong) pretty much every snap with a different ball carrier in the 4th quarter. Was pleasantly surprised we won this one so easily 39-0. Now 6-1 with this team.

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