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More Bad Youth Football Stories

Coaches it’s your job as a youth football coach to head these kind of people off at the pass. Aggressive intervention at the first sign of trouble usually sends these Jerry Springer types packing. My teams, even the ghetto teams I coached right accross the streets from the housing projects have never had anything remotely like this happen.

Just like my book states, have parent contracts, there is one right in the book. Have a mandatory parents meeting where you state your goals and zero tolerance policy on bad fan behaivior. In the book is a 6 page speech I read word for word at this meeting.

Have a plan in place to handle poorly acting parents. We start with a friendly reminder, then a warning, then we take junior out of the game until the unruly parent leaves the field. Since putting this policy in 7 years ago we have only had to resort to it once. Any unruly parents are sent a letter at the end of each season letting them know thier child will not be allowed to play the following year. Less than 1% of our parents are sent this letter each year, but we do use it and it works. Prevention is the best cure for this idiocy.

The below article was about a fist fight at a game for 7-9 year olds. Just what we need to teach little kids to do, fight with their fists if they feel they are being shortchanged in something as inconsequential as a youth football game! And to top it off, this fight involved several women, great job “ladies”.

Lacey woman pleads not guilty to youth football game assault


Madlyn Mapu, 41, of Lacey pleaded not guilty in Thurston County District Court this morning to three counts of assault resulting from a fight at a youth football game last weekend.

Reginal Maae, 18, also of Lacey, who also was arrested at the Black Hills Junior Football League game Saturday, will be arraigned next Thursday.

The game pitted Yelm vs. Lacey in a battle of second- third- and fourth-graders.

For more on the story, see The Olympian Friday.

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