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My Teams Results this weekend

Ive been keeping our jet football plays under wraps because many of my competitors read this forum. In fact the age 7-9 coach that we played today told me he had watched my DVD and liked it, but though it was “too complicated’ lol.

At the younger all rookie level age 7-9. we played a monster team, totally massive. We won 19-6 after being up 19-0 in the third quarter and letting off the gas. Thats 4 in a row for my all rookie kids and they are now believers.

Huge mouse Blocking Back wedge play for TD as we were running our TB a bunch and they bit. Same for our Mouse ( TB 1/2 Spin series) FullBack wedge, broke the game wide open. They were bigger, faster and better than us and we blew them out. My center was outweighed by over 70 lbs, same for my Right Tackle.

At the older level, age 10-11 we beat a 4-0 team 34-6 after leading 34-6 at the end of 3 and 28-6 at half. They had been winning most of their games by 30+ points. They were a very physical youth football team and play was stopped 3 times for us to take kids off the field, nothing serious thankfully.

For the second week in a row, we unleashed our jet series attack. This is just our base series of plays but with jet ( very fast) motion. We ran about 1/3 jet series stuff, jet sweep, jet trap, jet power, jet pass, jet wedge, jet reverse etc. For second week in a row it was the bomb. The First time we ran jet trap it looked like the parting of the red sea, even our team mom could have scored on it.

I would NOT recommend the jet for most youth football teams, but we have 2 kids in the 90th percentile in the league for speed and its the third year for both of them.

Will show more later, and probably post a utube clip in the next 30 days or so.

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