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My Youth Football Teams Results This Weekend

My Game Results:

We had a great weekend for youth football yesterday in Nebraska. A nice fall day, temps in the 50s and lots of sunshine, real youth football weather.

My all rookie age 7-9 team played a team sporting a 7-1 record and they had won most of their games in convincing fashion. As most of you know we have the youngest and by far least experienced team in the league. We have just 3 kids that have played before and all were backups. When we opened practice this season, my goal was to go .500 with this group. Every week we have gotten better and we played our best football of the year in this 31-8 win. This marks our 7th win in a row.

The kids showed heart, going down 6-0 to start the game, then 8-6 at the end of the first quarter. Our tailback fumbled on a real vicious hit at our 20, just our 3rd turnover of the season. They got down to our 5 yard line, we held them then got stuffed on a sweep play for a safety. That is the first safety ever scored by a team against any team I’ve coached in 15 years. Our off-tackle plays were working real well, even when they overloaded the strong side. Our full spinners and mouse series plays were solid as well. This was a very well disciplined team, so our reverses averaged just 5 yards per carry.

On a 3rd and long at the 50 with just 5 seconds before half, we ran a spinner blocking back wedge play for a TD that the defense had no clue who had the ball, that made it 25-6 and broke a very tight game wide open. We went on to score another touchdown on the same play in the third quarter to make it 31-8. I was able to get the ball to 10 different players today including 3 that had not touched the ball yet. Our kids blocked and tacked extremely well today, we had some very nice open field tackles. The opponent ran some sharp unbalanced �I� stuff as well as some motion and threw the ball very well. But they completed just 2 of 10, as we had nice pressure on the QB all day. There is no doubt in my mind we are the best team playing now and everyone in the league must agree as we can�t get any additional games with anyone, now that this teams season is done.

My age 10-11 team was in for a tough game today. Our opponent had 6 �striped� players, designating they weigh over 120 lbs. 5 of these kids weighed at least 150, with their noseguard lining up over my 81 pound center weighed at least 170 and they could all move. When they did the announcement introducing players for the National Anthem, we didn�t look like we had much of a chance. This team features a Mackovicka at fullback, yes one of THOSE Mackovickas. This team came in with a 7-1 record with wins including the following scores: 21-6, 38-0, 30-0, 40-0, 26-0 and 38-0. They had only given up 28 total points all year.

At the end of the first quarter the score was 8-6 them, as they were moving the ball well with some unbalanced �I� stuff as well as an option play or two mixed in with some timely passes. We moved from our 4-4 back into our base defense and shifted on the unbalanced to pretty much shut them down after the first quarter. Unlike last week, where we used everything in the playbook, we stayed basic this week, as they were overloaded to the weakside with 2 defenders wide of our left end. There wasn�t any need to do anything other than take the 5 yards they were giving us every play off-tackle strongside. We could not wedge them as they had 4 of those mastadons in our middle and my starting left end to right end weights are: 72, 86, 81, 145, 95, 105, 88. You get the picture, we looked like midgets out there yesterday. This was the first team in 7 seasons that we were not able to make our wedge football plays work consistently and we have been able to wedge huge teams in the past.

We did get into some of our jet series football plays and ran some power and trap underneath the jet and threw just 2 passes. The halftime score was only 12-8 as we had a penalty take away yet another long run and sure TD before the half. At the half our kids looked a little tense, so we stressed the positives and I even did a few jokes about how various players were going to �fire up� our team. It was suggested one player put on a hula skirt and another very skinny player do a muscle pose down, it seemed to do the trick as we came out loose and went on to win big 41-8. The only adjustments we made was to stick to our base defense and move one of our better backup linebackers to bearcrawler and made sure to shift on their unbalanced line. I took my starting tailback out at the end of the 3rd quarter after we blew the game wide open with our base plays off-tackle and jet series. We also blew up an option play and took the ensuing errant pitch 45 yards for a score and got one interception.

This was a very satisfying win for our youth football program over a quality opponent. We even got to see our smallest player, a very small 72 pound kid who usually just plays offense, make a perfect open field tackle on the other teams quarterback. This is a player I figured when he started out 3 seasons ago wouldnt make it through one season, let alone 3, as he feared contact. We also got 2 more kids the ball that had not touched it yet and our backup tailback got a touchdown on a nice 28 yard run. That made us 8-1 for the Season so far.

We have another game next week vs a 7-2 team and hope to line up at least one additional extra game, but takers are hard to find. Unfortunately, our parents did not want to travel and pay to travel to any youth football tournaments this year as we have done in years past, so don’t look for us in Kansas City, Panama City or Daytona this year.

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