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Week 9 Results

After last weeks rain out, we got more rain this week. almost daily rain until Saturday.
It was too muddy to practice football outside it’s like a bog right now. We have been getting a fair amount of wind, rain and cold, so we had to go indoors. The gym was available for just one night, so that’s what we got, one night of football practice this last week, inside.

To make sure our kids were not affected too negatively by this turn of events, we had everyone at the game 60 minutes prior and unlike our usual routine, we did some full contact work. In addition to our regular angle form tackling we did some full speed three slot challenge tackling drills to get the kids back in full contact football mode. I’ve also done this in the past if I felt the kids looked lethargic or out of it.

Our surging age 7-9 team got our 6th win in a row in a 26-0 blowout that was much worse than the score indicated. The other team had very good numbers and very good size with 5 “striped” over the weight limit kids on the line. We scored on every first half possession ( we had the ball as time ran out) and were up 20-0 in the first quarter and 26-0 at the half to go to the slaughter rule running clock.

Our off-tackle power looked great as the other team opened in a TNT look, with a player head up on our guard, center, guard. The off-tackle was there every play and we scored quickly. After calling timeout on the second series, they moved to a more conventional 6-2 so we went to our wedge series and scored in 8 plays. The next series they went to shifting to our strong side on our first sound, so we ran a wing reverse weakside and scored in 6 plays. Then the next series they put everyone in tight in a 6-5 look with no safety, so we threw our 18 sweep pass for a nice 55 yard TD. In the second half we worked most of the kids into the running back mix as we called off the dogs and got 11 different kids the ball. Our full spinner series football plays looked real nice for running it in just our second game. We had no alignment issues, no offsides penalties and we got the other team to jump our “no play” both times we ran it.

My age 10-11 team improved to 7-1 with a 32-8 win. We played a team that came into the game with a 6-1 record and just a handful of touchdowns scored against them. We started with the ball and it took us nearly 6 minutes to score on a 12 play drive. We ran our base and jet series in this drive that saw them diving 3 players in our inside A&B gaps to try and take away our wedge plays. We just moved the wedge apex out a gap and it worked just fine.

Our defense looked great as we ran both of our defensive schemes in this game. The opposition got just one first down in the first half with their Power I offense and that was by penalty. We did a great job if shutting down their counter game also. We were up 18-0 with 8 minutes to go in the first half, as the other team seemed to panic and threw 4 passes of which 2 were intercepted. The misdirection under the jet series worked real well for us as we took a 24-0 lead into the half, as we missed all 4 of our PAT kicks with the crosswind.

We were 2-3 passing for about 35 yards, the opposition was 1-9 with 2 interceptions and their QB took a beating. We let off the gas as the game had been under “mercy rule” running clock from early on in the second quarter. The final score was 32-8 in a game that we played very aggressively in. We were pretty satisified with the effort, given the limited practice time we had for the week.

As mentioined in earlier posts, we put in a trick play or two late in the season just to keep the kids interest. We ran our “flap jack pass”, it was incomplete and our wall return worked real well for about a 30 yard return that should have been a TD. Our football plays looked crisp and we had just one offsides penalty and no alignment issues.

Next week both my teams play very good 7-1 teams, so hopefully we can get some good football practice time in this week.

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