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Youth Coach Pulls Gun On Ref At Football Game

Youth Coach Pulls Gun On Ref At Football Game

Coaches- This is not as odd an incident as many of us would like to believe. My guess is this was not the first time this person acted out at a youth football game. Once you allow a person to act out, they get more and more bold. As a yoth football coach, any animosity we show towards referees, no matter how justified you may think the anger is, just gives liscence to your players, assistant coaches and fans to heap their frustrations on the referees. In the end it is just a game, nothing worth getting shot over or showing your players it is ok to blame referees for your problems. According to other reports this person actually told other fans he was going to shoot the referee.
Thats why we have parent contracts and a mandatory parent meeting before the season starts to let everyone know there is a ZERO tolerance level for poor sportsmanship.

ASPEN HILL, MD (NBC) — A youth football coach in Maryland is facing several charges after threatening a referee with a gun.

Police charged 31-year-old Aaron McCown with first and second degree assault, along with reckless endangering in connection with a football game.

According to officials, McCown grew angry after a referee ended the football game early due to the coach’s abusive language.

Witnesses say McCown ran to a truck where he grabbed a bag that had a .45-caliber handgun in it and began making verbal threats to the referee. Officials with the Old Town Football Association plan to meet with parents of the players to discuss the incident.

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