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Single Wing Offense at the College Level

Have you ever heard ” I don’t see your offense being run in the pros or college?”

If you hear someone saying that, you know right off the bat, the malcontent has just a surface level knowlege of the game. That depth of knowledge would be measured in millimeters as even the casual fan can see the Single Wing offense being run on TV these days.

Single Wing Football Plays in the College Ranks
Well if you look hard enough you do see it lots of places. They may not call it the Single Wing, but it’s part of nearly every football game you watch on Saturdays and even a few on Sundays. Mind you there are lots of fundamentals that do not change at any level of football, but youth football is not High School football, High School football is not College football and College football is not the pros. Each has its own different set of goals and limitations and should never be compared as equals.

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