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Week 10 Results

This was our last youth football game of the year. All the posts after this until August will be tips, dills and development posts.

My age 10-11 kids won their last game of the year 40-12 on a great Fall day, 60 degrees, bright leaves falling, sunshine, a perfect day.

We got out quick again, up 20-0 in the first quarter with our no-huddle quick strike offense. We scored on our spinner series, an interception return and an inside wing reverse. We subbed early and often and even let the other team score on purpose on the ensuing kickoff return to keep the game under the running clock rule (we made it look good, they had no idea). We play in a very competitive youth football league, this is not YMCA, sing kumbaya and drink juice boxes stuff. But this was the last football game some of these kids will ever play and for more than half, the last game they will play in my organization, so we went a bit outside the norm.

After the first quarter we knew the game was be well in hand so we tried to get everyone the ball and did, with 16 of our 18 kids getting to tote the rock at least once. We have a “striper” rule where kids over 120 pounds can’t carry the football, so our striper and center were the only ones that didn’t get to carry the football today.

We scored in the second half with a nice sweep pass and two off-tackle football plays with backup linemen scoring. I doubt these kids will ever carry the ball, let alone score touchdowns as they move to Middle School ball next year. We ran our jet series football plays quite a bit and they looked sharp until we just started putting anyone at the tailback spot and ran off-tackle every play. I told our defensive backs to down the ball after their interceptions after the first interception was returned for a touchdown, we got 2 more and they obediently downed the football. We wanted everyone to be able to say they carried the ball and to do that we needed to be on offense.

Our kids played hard and had a good time in a game that could have been a downer. I was very pleased the starters stepped aside willingly and cheerfully to allow non ballcarriers a chance to carry the football. The other coach came up after the game and addressed us as a team calling our kids and coaches the “classiest he had ever seen in his 4 years in this youth football league”. That made me real proud.

For the season:
We ended up 9-1
Averaged over 35 points per game
First Team Defense gave up 4 touchdowns total
“Mercy Ruled” 9 opponents
Had next to smallest sized youth football team in this league
Had smallest team size (18 players) in the league
Had just 1 player quit
16 of 18 players had perfect attendance at football practice and games
17 of 18 players carried the football at least once
We forced 32 turnovers
We gave up 5 turnovers ( 3 in the last game due to non ballcarriers carrying the ball)
We had just 2 bad snaps, none were over the head and just 1 resulted in a turnover ( guard kicked the ball on BB trap on his way to his trap block)
10 Different players scored touchdowns
The kids had fun and got better each week, best blocking and tackling team in the league
No big injuries, no unsportsmanlike or roughing penalties
Executed our offense and defense more precisely than any offense in the league
Completed 62% of our passes
Without question the best and classiest team in the league

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