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Free Jet Series Playbook Offer for Testimonials

As many of you know, we came out with a Jet Motion series this season. The Jet allowed us yet another way to run our base Single Wing football plays which stretchin gthe defense horizontally. With a few minor tweaks, the series was huge for us this season and is featured heavily in games 5-10 of the 2007 Season DVD which will be coming out in January.

This isn�t a deviation of the offense I�ve always run, in fact most of the base football plays change very little. This is a nuance that we used to throw a curve to the teams that have seen my offense for the 8th season. We averaged over 10 yards per carry on these plays which included running our base “under” the Jet Motion. We still ran our base offense as it has always been run about 70% of the time and had about the same results we�ve always had, 35 points per game and a 9-1 season. The other 30% of the time, we ran our Single Wing Jet series football plays.

How the Series Was Concieved
This series is basically a youth version of the Single Wing Jet Series plays Osborne High School in Virginia ran in 2006 on their way to a State Title. I�ve known members of their coaching staff for over 5 years and we got a chance to work on the series with them at the Nike Coach of the year clinic in Chantilly, Virginia in 2007.

How to Get Your Free Jet Playbook
If you are interested in this series playbook and all the coaching points, have used my system and have a testimonial I can use on the web site, I will e-mail you a free copy of it. This addendum is about 20 pages and includes plenty of great diagrams, photos and detailed coaching points. Please e-mail me your season results at dacisar@aol.com Please include your name and city location.

Free Jet Clips
The January issue of the free Newsletter will contain some information on the Jet Series and a few photos as well as a clip or two, so make sure you are signed up to receive it. The newsletter version will only be a page or two, but will give you a basic understanding of the base set and what we were trying to accomplish with the core Jet Plays.

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  1. Coach Rice

    Dave, thanks for putting together such a very good step by step program on winning football. I’am the assistant coach on my son’s 7-8 year old team. I have been trying to get the head coach to put in this system , but he won’t fully committ to it ; we run 16 power and 22 wedge, each game with much success, and won our only 2 games, with just those 2 plays . I
    plan to coach the 7-8 year olds next year using strictly Winning Youth Football system. I’am a former Varsity Head Coach ,so I recognize a good
    program when I see it .

    Thanks Dave

    Coach Rice

  2. Coach Kingery

    Better than I thought! After sifting through multiple offensive and defensive formations I settled on the Single Wing system and the 6-2 with bear crawlers. I have coached football as an assistant at the recreation level but never as a head coach. I was a bit nervous but “Winning Youth Football” made me look like a genius. We went 8-2 losing by a combined total of 5 points. We lost in the semifinals to another single wing team. Thanks Dave!

  3. Brandon V

    Sat through a couple local coaching clinics on the Jet series and I am excited to implement the Jet series for a change of pace on our current offense. Thank you for the resource!

  4. Paul O

    Hey Dave, I bought your three dvd set Winning Youth Football: (managing the game, defense, and offense). It is all new to the 8-10 year old boys on the roster, but they’re learning. I cannot get them to do the wedge correctly, and you can only do a sweep so many times. I tried, after watching the offense dvd, to incorporate a jet sweep left. I did it and we scored!!! I would like to work in more jet series plays…can you help?

    1. davecisar


      Perfect the wedge before moving on to Jet Series Stuff. As you know the Jet Series is 7+ plays, But you are really missing out not getting your wedge going. Better coached teams will shut you down if you dont have good A gap plays to run. The wedge typically take 30 days to come together. Start at the beginning with 1 step, then shoulder to ribs, step by step, then fits. This Tuesday- week 13 of the season we are still doing wedge fits.


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