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Single Wing Tailback Wins Heisman, "Revolutionizes the Game"

Single Wing Tailback Wins the Heisman
A Single Wing Tailback has won the coveted Heisman Trophy. Sophomore Tim Tebow won the Heisman after an amazing 2007 season that saw him throw for 3,122 yards and 29 touchdowns and run for 838 yards and 22 touchdowns.
Here is how the voting broke down: Tebow finished with 1,957 points, followed by Arkansas “running back” Darren McFadden (1,703), Brennan (632) and Missouri quarterback Chase Daniel (425). Tebow received 462 first-place votes.

Urban Meyer
Running offensive guru Urban Meyer�s offense at Florida, we all got to see Tebow running a lot of what us Single Wing enthusiasts know as the Single Wing. Coach Meyer is unabashed and has been quoted numerous times that he likes and runs lots of variation of the good old Single Wing.

Single WIng is the New “Hot” Thing
The Single Wing has seen a big resurgence of use at the youth level as well as a big increase in High Schools especially in Virginia, Michigan, Florida, California and Iowa. We think it makes so much sense at the youth level, but the way we run it, it doesn�t require you to have a Tim Tebow or Darren McFadden. It looks as if many High School and even College teams may be looking at how the “quarterback postion is defined. It may be easier for many of these teams to find and develop a Single Wing type “quarterback” than the the traditional drop back pro style passer. Remember Tebow was a tight end and linebacker until just before he entered High School.

Now even some of the �experts� are re-examining the Quarterback position and looking how playing 11 on 11 football may be �the wave of the future�. The next time someone asks you what kind of offense you are running, tell them it�s something like what Florida Runs or something like the �Wild Hog� series that Arkansas uses and has so much success with. These two College teams are �revolutionizing� football with something myself and many youth coaches across the country have been running for years.

Here is one pundit and what Herbstriet say about this:

Is Florida’s Tebow Revolutionizing The Position?
By ANDY STAPLES, The Tampa Tribune
Published: December 8, 2007

The scene is the first play of a highlight video for Los Alamitos (Calif.) High junior quarterback Clark Evans. And thanks in part to the 51 TDs scored this season by Tebow, the University of Florida’s sophomore quarterback, the 6-foot-4, 220-pound Evans could become one of the nation’s most prized recruits next year. After tonight, the demand for a single-wing tailback with a howitzer for an arm may soar. Tebow could become the first sophomore to win the Heisman Trophy in the award’s 72-year history.

While Tebow, Arkansas tailback Darren McFadden, Hawaii quarterback Colt Brennan and Missouri quarterback Chase Daniel wait to learn who will claim the trophy, coaches from schools throughout the country are scouring high schools looking for the next Tebow. Meanwhile, thanks to Tebow, junior varsity linebackers, tight ends and fullbacks may go to bed tonight dreaming of one day tossing TD passes and freight-training free safeties.

“I’ve been saying it all season. I think Tim Tebow is revolutionizing the position,” ESPN analyst Kirk Herbstreit said. “There are kids who are in middle school now, built like linebackers or tight ends, and they’ve always been pushed in a certain kind of way as a 13-, 14- or 15-year-old.

“Now they see Tim Tebow, who’s built like a linebacker, but he has the ability to throw the ball and now there’s a place for that guy in this spread offense.”

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