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  1. Marc Conley

    Now that the comment box is working…

    What exactly does the BALANCED single wing look like. Does it look like this:

    O O O X O O O
    O O

    I am going to by the MEGA Package right NOW.

  2. Marc Conley

    Disregard the O’s that you see. The comment box will not allow the spacing that I put. It changed everything when posted it. Basicly; does the BALANCED single wing simply have the extra end on the right of the center go on over to the end of the left side of the center?

    In other words, do you now have three line-men on each side of the center. But you still have your four Backs in the same general positions? Thanks.
    I’m still buying the MEGA package, I dont care how much it costs: I would like all yout material!


  3. Coach Banks

    dave we have a 7 week schedule and then every team plays in the playoffs how can i break down your 13 week practice plan to fit this schedule any suggestions

  4. Dave Cisar


    How most Single Wing coaches coach balanced line is to move one of the strongside linemen to the weakside so there are 3 linemen to each side of the center.

    One famous Single Wing team doing this is Menominee High School in Michigan. They have won 3 state titles in the last 9 years and pretty much stay in a balanced set most of the time with the backs aligned in the traditional alingment to the right about 80% of the time.

    Menominee will split a player out from time to time as well as line their backs up in thier ‘Special” formation which includes 2 wing players on the right side, wings alinged side by side.

    A very small number of youth football leagues require balanced lines and this blog includes the adjustments one would make in my system to make that work. Just do a search. I’ve never run balanced line myself but I know quite a few coaches running my system have.

  5. Dave Cisar

    Coach Banks,

    If your season is that short you will definitely need to compress that practice schedule down. We have always been able to get our “Sainted Six” series in in the first 3 weeks even for all rookie very young kids as well as the base defense with the base stunts. It really depends on the abilities and experience levels of your kids and the ages. Pages 147-148 of the book gives you a matrix of age, experience level and what football plays are right for that specific grouping of kids.

    Don’t rush things, make sure you perfect the base series before you move on to the next series. That is a mistake so many youth football coaches make. Make sure and use the practice methodolgy in the book that should save you a ton of time so you can concentrate on fundamental skills, building proper technique and developing great execution of schemes, stunts and your football plays.

    You may have to give up running the full spinner and the jet stuff for now or add it in just before playoffs. Make sure you put the base adjustments in on page 189-194 first though. Only add these in, IF the kids are executing the other series well. In fact if you are playing a team for the second time in the playoffs, like many youth football teams do, this could be a huge advantage for you.


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