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Atlantic City Nike Clinic

Atlantic City Clinic Notes

Last weekend we were off again on the Coaching Clinic Circuit with the Nike Coach of the Year Clinic in Atlantic City. While this clinic had a star studded cast of presenters, we were only able to take in Les Miles on Saturday after my two morning presentations on “Developing a Dominant Offensive Line” and “Installing the Single Wing Offense, Step by Step in Youth Football”.

We had the pleasure of spending time in Atlantic City, with a number of coaches that are running my system. Kevin came up from

Florida, his team went 14-1 with it last year in just their first season running it. It’s always a treat to work with him and our 3 hour dinner was very productive on so many levels.  I got to meet several people I’ve never met before and wish I had more time to spend one on one with everyone attending. My apologies if we weren’t able to talk more.


Philadelphia Story

One very interesting story came from David Leavy from Philadelphia. His team finished 11-1 last year in his first season running my system compared to a 3-8 season the previous year, with the same group of kids. David was very humble but visibly proud of his kids and rightfully so. His team competes in a very competitive league and they made quite a turnaround, including giving up just 22 points all season and having 10 different kids score touchdowns.  They increased their offensive production almost threefold. 

A very humble and introspective guy, David gave all glory to God. He was accompanied by his assistant coach Hameen who recalled David had taken a leap of faith using our system and went by the book 100% down to the minutest of details. David had faced a bit of criticism for making such wholesale changes, but he knew his team had potential, he just needed to put them in a position where they could gain confidence and be successful.

Going to Clinics

That is one of the great pleasures I get, seeing guys like David and Hameen who obviously care so much about their kids do so well with just a bit a direction. It was great seeing them taking the time to become better coaches to enrich the experience of all the kids playing for them. I’m not sure I’ve ever met two happier coaches than David and Hameen, I know I’ve never met anyone that smiled as much as either of them. They had great stories to tell and I was all ears. An interesting side note is many of the guys that run my system meet at these clinics and develop friendships and relationships of their own.

High School and Youth Program Work Together

We also go to spend time with an organization from Parsippany, New Jersey that seems to be on the right track. The High School coach that this youth football organization feeds into was even there. He was very supportive of the youth program, investing his time in  relationship building with the youth program. While this High School coach is a Wing T guy, he was very supportive of the Single Wing concepts he was seeing and I even got a chance to bounce ideas back and forth with him for part of the day. The Wing T is an offshoot of the Single Wing, a son of the offense, not a distant second cousin.

The clinics are great for the learning experience, but for me, getting to hear your stories face to face is why I put up with being away from my family for 12-15 weekends a year.

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