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The Jet Series for Very Young Youth Football Teams

Coach Dave,

We had a great season last year, we went 11-0 with your system with 7-8-9 year olds.

I’m moving up with this same group of kids, we will have about 16 kids back from that team. What are your thoughts on running the “Jet” series with this group? Will it be too much for them?

Coach, congrats for a fine season.

In the book we have a matrix for which offensive football plays should and shouldn’t be run based on the age and experience levels of your team. Since your team is a second year squad that obviously has had quite a bit of success already, the Jet series probably makes a lot of sense for you.

As you probably already know the Jet series allows us to stretch the defense horizontally. The base Jet sweep itself is difficult to defend the way we are blocking it, but the big payoffs come on the complementary plays to the Jet, These are football plays you already know, that you can now run under the Jet motion. Add in a trap to both sides, the Jet to both sides and a play action pass and the series is a winner.

While the Jet series is not something a struggling team or first year all rookie team should consider implementing, it makes a lot of sense for others.

Some teams are adding this in as a late season surprise or playoff run addition. Same goes for the double dive as well.

Best of “luck” in your upcoming season.

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