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The Offensive Line and Team Defense DVDs are Ready

Team Defense and Offensive Line DVDs

The long awaited materials on team defense and offensive line play are now available.

While the book contains our defensive philosophy, schemes, player descriptions, responsibilities and all of our stunts, blitzes, adjustments and drills, for the last 2 years coaches have been bugging me to come our with a defensive DVD. It’s finally here.

With our best practice and game footage yet, we put together what so many coaches have been asking me for; how we put together our smothering defense. Over the last 8 seasons in 83 games has had just 18-19  touchdowns scored against our first team defense.

The DVD is 80 minutes long and includes over 40 minutes of game and practice footage.

It includes white board instruction, field demos and lots of game footage of both an age 7-9 team and an age 10-11 team of mine in action,

You get our defensive philosophy, defensive scheme for both “normal” and “select” teams, position requirements, position descriptions, position responsibilities,  position selection, tackling progressions, tackling drills, defensive drills, defensive installation step by step, defensive repetition, defensive recognition drills, stunts, blitzes, strategies and alignment versus virtually every offense under the sun and more.

The DVD was produced professionally produced by Reliant Video and part of it was shot in their studio, our best quality yet.

For a quick peek look here at “Developing a Smothering Defense for Youth Football, Step by Step:


The cost is $40 and is not on the web site just yet, as we are in the midst of a major web site redesign. But you can order it by phone at 402-730-8151 or e-mail me and we can paypal invoice you as well.

The Offensive Line DVD has been my pet project. As most of you already know the offensive line is my passion, it is one of the most neglected and poorly coached areas of youth football. It is the primary culprit for so many low scoring games and faltering offenses. While all this information is in the book many coaches like seeing the concepts carried out by the kids in practice as well as greater detail via spoken rather than written word. It’s always nice seeing what is being discussed being done in real life via the inserted game clip video footage,

This DVD covers: Offensive Line philosophy, line splits, proper explosive stance, developing explosiveness and aggression, base block, simple blocking rules and progressions, double teams, crab blocking, pulling, trapping, down blocking, center training, pass blocking, installing the wedge, drills, developing an offensive line attitude, getting players to want to play o-line, open field blocking, adjustments and more.

Here is a quick taste of this DVD:

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It is 80 minutes long and is a Reliant Product, shot in studio with about 40 minutes of field demos and game clips. It is $40 and will be on the web site shortly, but you can order it by phone or by e-mailing me so I can invoice you.

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