Empowering Coaches Step-By-Step

Seattle and Salt Lake City Coaches Clinic Updates

Seattle and Salt Lake City Clinics:

Some important information for the Salt Lake City and Seattle Coaches Clinics:

The Seattle Clinic is SOLD OUT, but we were able to get a larger room and now have room for an additional 40 coaches. To get the $30 discount you have to register no later than 5/25. we have at least 14 coaches coming down from Canada for this as well as coaches from Idaho, Oregon, California and Montana. Looks like a great group, including a number of coaches that are already running our system.

For Salt Lake City, we have room for at least 20 more coaches, but to get the discount you need to register no later than 5/21. We have coaches from Idaho, Montana, Colorado and Tennessee attending this one so far.

Remember the earlier you register, the earlier you get the book mailed to you. Many youth football coaches feel they get a lot more out of the clinic after getting a chance to review the book ahead of time.

Salt Lake City Saturday May 24th 9-3Homewood Suites 423 W 300 S, Salt Lake City, UtahSeattle– Issaquah Washington- Saturday May 31st 9-3Holiday Inn 1801 12th Avenue SW, Issaquah WashingtonTo pre- register and get the $95 price  either call 402-730-8151 or e-mail coachdave@winningyouthfootball.com

Show up on the day of the clinic without pre-registering, you pay $125. All attendees get a free copy of the book “Winning Youth Football a Step by Step Plan” on CDROM and a box lunch.


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