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Youth Football Coaches- Don't Fret


Youth Football Coaches- Don’t Fret

It seems there are a lot of youth football coaches out there who are fretting about their youth football teams this upcoming season. These coaches obviously want their kids to have a great experience. These coaches don’t want the kids to look bad or for that matter for themselves to look bad either.

We’ve gotten plenty of panicked phone calls from youth football coaches this week that want their materials overnighted to them. Guy’s don’t fret, most of you still have plenty of time to get up to speed with this material and have a great season.

We have all items in stock, we aren’t short on anything. All orders received before noon CST are shipped the same day. We ship Priority Mail USPS. For most coaches that means they get their order in 2 business days, 3 max. For those that buy any of the packages, you get 105 pages of the 265 page book e-mailed to you the same day to give you an immediate head start.

Calm down guys, it’s great you are here and want to make this a great season for your kids. We love that you have the passion to make yourself into a more effective coach, but it’s going to be OK . We have extra staff on duty and are taking phone orders from 7:00 am- 10:00 pm CST.  We e-mail you a confirmation we got your order and that we shipped it, usually within the hour you ordered it. and then you get another e-mail from the USPS the day they pick it up and put it into their system (same day).

Man I love the passion for excellence the fretting guys have, they always make me smile when they call.  MAN have there been a bunch of those calls this week, you know who you are, God love you.

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  1. Coach Ken


    Just don’t over night or send any materials to my neck of the woods. I want to be stingy and keep your materials secret around here for a while. 🙂

    Coach Ken


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