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Coaching Clinc Locations for 2009

Youth Football Coaching Clinics in 2009

Coaches, please help me figure out where I should hold my Coaching Clinics in 2009. I will be doing the Glazier Mega Clinics at several locations as well as a Nike Clinic and the Clinic of Champions in

Reno. I will be doing more public clinics put on by Winning Youth Football in 2009, but I need input on where to do them. I need to set cities and dates now to get the presentation rooms we need and flights booked.I also need to hear from you about Sundays. I usually do these on a Saturday from 9-3. However due to time constraints I may have to do some on Sundays from 12-6 or 11-5. What are your thoughts on the Sunday clinic and times?

I also need input on topics. For those that have been to my clinics, what would you like to see? For those that haven’t been, what do you need?

Here are the clinic topics for 2009:

1) Building Character and a Winning Attitude in Youth Football- A Systematic Program

2) Installing the Single Wing Offense in Youth Football- The “Sainted Six” Series, Wedge Series, Full Spin Series, T Series. Jet Series, Double Dive, Shallow, Smash and Mesh

3) Defense Wins Championships- How to Do it With Average Players

4) Practice Organization- The Perfect Practice: How to Get 100% Perfect Attendance, Run Efficient Fun Practices and 20 Immediate Time Saving Tips

5) Developing a Dominant Offensive Line in Youth Football- Step by Step

6) Acceleration and Explosive “Football” Quickness Development- Using Plyos combined with Football Movements to Develop “Football Speed” In Youth Football

Please e-mail me at coachdave@winningyouthfootball.com or comment here.

Thank you in advance for your input.

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  1. John Di Greogiro

    For totally selfish reasons, I’d like to see a clinic in the southern New Jersey area. There are at least 3 teams in our league that run your offense and I just turned my coach buddy from another league onto your stuff. Hopefully, he has made a recent purchase.
    If this is in the realm of possiblities, please contact me and I would be willing to do some leg work to ease the trip.

  2. Tony DiMarco

    How about Toronto, Ontario? Toronto is the main hub of most international seminars…. with plenty of locations to choose from. I’m not sure what you’re minimum requirement is to host a clinic… but I wouldn’t be surprised if there are enough coaches running the offense around the GTA (greater toronto area). Or at least somewhere close…. like Buffalo — where I got to attend a Hugh Wyatt clinic a few years ago 🙂

  3. Michael Register

    I am the president of a small pop warner football association. Due to the rural nature of our community, we have much fewer players to choose from in comparison with our competitors. I searched for a scheme to help us compete against teams that outmatch us in size and speed. I bought some of your books and DVDs and as head coach of our Pee Wee division, implemented the single wing offense. We had plenty of critics at the beginning, but we ended up averaging more than 21 points per game to our opponents 10. and finished with a 6-2 record, the first wining record in the Pee Wee division in league history. Next year I am moving up with my son to the Junior Midget Division and want to investigate if the single wing would be good for that level player (11-13). I could also use some help on defensive strategy. I really believe in the coaching philosophy outlined in your books and would love to have some of our coaches attend one of your clinics with me. We are located in central Florida, so it would be great for us, if you would have one in the southeast region of the country, or even Orlando (home of Disney, Universal, Pop Warner SuperBowl, etc). Regardless I wanted to express my appreciation for you sharing your experience with your books and DVDs.

  4. Devon Price

    I certainly hope to see you back in Florida in 2010. BTW – just ordered your offensive line coaching DVD.


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