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Youth Football- Game 1 Results

Yes we played a real game after just 3 weeks of practice and 9 practices. The League moved it up this year.We stuck to our 3 day a week schedule even though most teams around here went to 5 days per week. Not an excuse, just stating the constraints.

Unlike past seasons I will not give a break down on the plays and play mix until the end of the season. The internet map of visitors to the web site shows we have daily visitors from IP Addresses in each of the towns we play. Some visit several times a day. Even though we don’t sell the product in Nebraska every organization in the league has copies of my books and DVDs. I have no problem with that, but we won’t give weekly scouting reports to the opposition. On a positive note  we saw many of our competition moving to many of the strategies and practice methods we suggest in the book, so I’m very happy their teams and players could benefit from it in that way.

Age 7-9 won 20-19 in a nail biter that didn’t have to be. We had 2 onside kicks recovered AGAINST us, first year kid jitters etc.. Everything correctable, we were stopped just once on offense.

Age 10-11, just 6 kids that have played before. Stuck to the Sainted 6 and ground it out with just 1 striped player. Won 21-19 and they scored on a fumble return late, should have won by 3 scores.

Age 12-13 lost 28-13. We played against a much larger ( we have 1 striper) and more physical team. We were within 1 score late and had too many miscues.  Our corners got manhandled by a 6’1″ TE and a 154 1/2 pound ( #54, ball carrier weight limit of 155) RB. On a positive note we put in our “monster call” defensive adjustment in the 3rd quarter and shut em down cold. We just didn’t have any time to put it in before the first game. We ran everything, including Jet. Had 6-7 starters that had never played before and we couldn’t get a scrimmage, so I’m not so down on it. Our top 3 scorers and 2 way starters from last years team are out, 1 with ACL injury over the summer, 1 with a severe hand injury suffered in a hunting accident and 1 left to play for another team ( only player we lost this way)Head coaching on 3 teams is a real chore, golly I’m beat.  But that problem will be resolved for next year, the assistants did a nice job on all 3 teams.

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