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Youth Football, Practice #8 of the 2008 Season

Youth Football, Practice #8 of the 2008 Season

The base dynamic warm up and angle form/fit tackling is holding steady at about 8 minutes. We divided up for individuals and broke out like this:

Line: Wedge fit and wedge blocking on the coach with a shield for about 15 minutes and the crab blocking progression for about 10 minutes.

Backs: The chaser drill right from the blog. Our backs were not hitting the holes quick enough, the chaser drill usually solves that one in one practice session. We did the chaser with either a player at 1 back or as the wing and either running a power off-tackle or the reverse, with a chaser in hot pursuit at the snap. The endpoint was about 10 yards from the line of scrimmage. Our centers were snapping with the backs in a rotation, so they could get some work with the linemen as well. Then open field blocking drill, using the diamond drill.

Team Offense: Handed out wrist coaches to everyone and explained our simple no-huddle wrist coach system. Even the age 7-9 rookies “got it” . We tested as a group and individually to make sure everyone understands it.

Team Offense; Reviewed Mouse Series with oldest kids demoing the series.

All teams repping plays on air with coaches at the point of attack with shields.

Age 7-9: Team reps, Sainted Six and Mouse Series

Age 10-11: Team reps, Sainted Six and Mouse Series

Age 12-13: Team reps, Sainted Six, Mouse, Full Spin and the basic 3 adjustments

Age 10-11 and age 12-13: 25 minutes of punts and punt returns.

Age 7-9: 15 Minutes of Deer Hunter game.


All the drills, offense and defense can be found in the book “Winning Youth Football a Step by Step Plan”.

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  1. Andy

    Hi Dave, quick question: I don’t have the $$$ for wrist coaches and in the league I coach in we have a coach on the field full-time. I want to take advantage of the no-huddle (or at least the reasoning behind it: more snaps). What would you suggest? How can I most effectively do this? Line the kids up right at the LOS and just give them the play? Or is there a better way?


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