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Youth Football, Practice Number 11

Youth Football Practice Number 11

This is our last practice before our game this weekend. While I’m a fan of the Saturday morning walk through, we won’t be doing any more of those this season. We have been able do much of that done on Thursday practice.  In Nebraska, Saturdays still revolve around Cornhusker football and they get started very early here.

This was primarily a defensive and special teams practice. 

The Defensive Linemen group worked on rip and fit technique and drills

The Defensive Ends worked on alignment, shedding blockers, play recognition and squeezing the off-tackle hole.

The Bearcrawlers did their normal squeeze progression including fit tackles and pass recognition progressions.

The Defensive Backs worked on proper footwork, opening hips in the correct fashion, maintaining proper cushions, closing on the ball and open field tackling.

During team defense we all stressed alignment and worked the unbalanced calls so players were comfortable shifting agains teams that use unbalanced lines ( the better ones do). Last week one team added a back to the line of scrimmage to give a different unbalanced look and we worked on that as well. During team defense we went through alignment on every offense we expect to see, this is all done “on air” with cones. We are making all out stunt calls and substitutions from the sidelines at this point. We also ran coaches at backfield positions and did “fit and freeze” reps of all the base plays we expect to see like sweeps, dive, powers, counters, bootlegs, drop back and play action passes etc.

We did about 40 minutes of special teams work and having the various teams align on the ball running in from the sidelines ( hidden conditioning)

We ended on a very high note as we did the “slam dunk” game which the kids and parents love.

As guest speakers we had 3 of the Starting Offensive line from the Nebraska National Championship team of 1994, which was a real treat for everyone.

All the drills, offense and defense can be found in the book “Winning Youth Football a Step by Step Plan”.

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