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Game 5 Results

Game 5 Results

My age 7-9 team won 34-12 after being up 20-0 in the first quarter. For the 3rd week in a row the first team defense was unscored upon. This could have easily been a 50-0 game, but we subbed early and often as 4 different players scored touchdowns. The execution was very good with this team in nearly every aspect of the game, our offensive football plays looked very crisp. This teams record now stands at 5-0.

My age 10-11 team won 34-12 also after being up 22-0 in the first quarter. In order to keep the game from being mercy ruled in the first quarter, we employed the sportsmanship inspired  “special play” as we did in game 1 to allow the other team a score. For the 2nd week in a row the first team defense was unscored upon. For the second week in a row, this team could have been up 60-0.  We were hoping this team would end up at .500 but is now 4-1. We have just 1 “striped” player on this team and just 6 players that have played before. This team is coming together nicely.

My age 12-13 team won 38-20 in a game was just 22-20 with 45 ticks left to go in the first half. Right before the half we went 50 yards in 45 seconds, scoring on a pass as time expired in the half. We made a few minor defensive adjustments at halftime that allowed our defense to pitch a shutout in the second half.

 This was a very odd game in that our QB/1 back went down in the first 3 minutes of the game and my backup 2/3 back was out with the flu. My backup QB/1 Back is my starting 2 back, but I couldn’t move him to 1 Back because my backup 2 back was out with the flu (same kid) and my 3rd team backup 2 back is my starting 3 back, whose backup was the flu kid as well. To make a long story longer, we had to play our 3rd team QB/1 back (rookie player) and he is believe it or not our starting right guard. So we were very limited in what we could run, to about 7 plays or so. It was a great lesson in making lots of moves on the fly, which is typical in non-select football when you have 22-23 players.

We were on the 2 ready to score again when time expired. We had just 1 penalty whistled against us. The positives were we found out something about our team and we played the best sportsmanship team I’ve seen in the last 5 years, it was a great game. The head coach for this team used to coach for me in Omaha, more about that later.

My age 12-13 team has just 1 “striped” player and only four 13 year olds. While we have a nice nucleus of  3 and 4 year vets on this squad, we also have an unusually high number of rookie players in this group for a team in this age grouping.

As mentioned in earlier posts since the teams in our league religiously check this web site, we will disclose the details of the season ( stats and scoring plays) and adjustments we made at seasons end.

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