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Game 6 Results

Game 6 Results

Age 7-9 won 25-6 in a game we trailed 6-0. It was great for the kids to feel a bit of adversity as we led just 12-6 at halftime. We lost just our 2nd turnover with this team as our fullback fumbled on a nice 12 yard gain at the opponents 20 yard line on the first possession.

Age 10-11 won 22-0 in a game we led 22-0 with 7 minutes left to go in the half. We let off the gas and we made a few minor mistakes that are easily correctable. A nice defensive effort against a team with quality backs and size.

Age 12-13 lost 30-6 in a game we trailed by a TD at the half. We had an INT returned for a TD and the only time we punted it was blocked at our 8 yard line, as our punter aligned at 7 yards instead of 12. We gave them 2 TDs and had 4 turnovers. So we stopped ourselves in a game we didn’t deserve to win. Having just four 13 year olds and losing 3 of our starting 4 backfield kids before the season started has been challenging.

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