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Week 2 Game Results

Game 2 Results

This weekends games were against non-conference opponents, as our league traditionally does not play on Labor Day weekend.

Age 7-9 won 36-14. Scored on first 4 possessions of first half to take a 24-0 halftime lead as the defense did not give up a first down in the first half. We threw an interception that was returned for a touchdown and had another TD scored late against our backups via the infamous sportsmanship inspired “Special Play”. We went to running clock in the 4th quarter. This team traveled 75 minutes to play us from Inner-city Omaha.

Age 10-11 won 36-14 as well after taking a 30-8 halftime lead. Playing against a very well coached and very athletic team that was able to run us down every time we got into the open field. First team defense gave up just 3 first downs in the entire game as we subbed early and often. Just 1 penalty called against this team this week. Great game with outstanding sportsmanship against another Omaha Inner-city team.

Age 12-13 won 36-6 in a game we never punted. Execution on offense looked tighter as 4 different players scored. We were ahead 20-0 at the half and had a running clock in the 4th quarter. Our backups played a bunch and we found a reasonable answer to our need for a backup 1 back.


While we do play in a competitive league and do play outside teams and in tournaments, we try not to go over 40 points in most games. Several of these game could have easily gone to the 50 + point range, even with aggresive subbing, as we are getting into a good rythem on both sides of the ball with all 3 teams.

This week we will work on some of the finer points of the game:

Spike- Stopping the clock

Victory Formation- Running out the clock

Last Play- Hail Mary play

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  1. Tony DiMarco

    Hi Coach,

    Could you please elaborate on the following statement:

    – via the infamous sportsmanship inspired “Special Play”

    What is that play exactly?

    I’ve always despised trick plays at the youth level (all the way up to 11 year old). The kids are still learning the fundamentals at that age. You can’t say it’s not about the wins and losses (and it’s just about the kids having fun)…. when you pull out a trick play to score. That’s about confusing kids and humiliating them.

    I’ve had 1 coach who continually used the “guard around” play. Where his best RB would come out of the huddle and play guard. The Centre would snap the ball and keep it between his legs — the QB would pull out and fake taking the snap and run a QB keeper in one direction with all the RB’s in front as blockers…. and the RB playing as a Guard would then take the ball from Centre and run in the opposite direction…. typically untouched as the players were completely unsuspecting and most likely unaware the offensive linemen can be ball carriers (as per our Canadian rules).

    Always typically called on 4th downs… in a game where we’re up 2 TD’s and about to put the game away.

    Drives me nuts.

    So let’s just say… when I had a chance to put them away in subsequent games…. I didn’t let up on the throttle. Whereby, against other teams, I’d kill the clock.

  2. Handy

    The “special play” is where Dave instructs his defense to miss tackles on purpose so the other team can score a TD and end the game on a positive note. The defenders are instructed to get blocked, play “matador” defense and if unblocked dive at the feet of a runner so it is not obvious they are missing on purpose.

    If you watch film of Dave’s teams you will see the other team score on long runs at the end of a game and can tell Dave’s kids could have made the tackle to maintain a shutout but didn’t.


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