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Youth Football Practice Number 13


Youth Football Practice Number 13

In an ongoing effort to let coaches know where my 3 teams are allocating time on this season we have given an overview of each of our practices so far this season.

Our second practice of week 5 is primarily a defensive and special teams practice.

After our 8 minutes of dynamic warm ups and angle form fit tackling we broke into individual drills.

Defensive Backs:  45 degree hip opens, receiver read drill (down block, stalk block, pass pattern), Hiding V angle tacking drill

Linebackers: shed drill, shed and fit drill, play recognition drill

Defensive Tackles: Rip Drill, Bull Rush Drill. Rip and Form tackle Fit Drill

Bearcrawlers; Progression, squeeze drill, squeeze to form tackle fit, squeeze to pass recognition drill

Team Defense: Reviewed and repped defensive alignment on air versus; twins, double slot, trips, unbalanced, double tight, and double tight with wing. Repped all stunts with backups going in on every rep, one rep every 8 seconds or so. Reviewed monster call.

This is the time of year where we are doing more cross training. While most of our second or third year players already have a backup position and know the basics of that position, we are getting 2-3 of our first year players a few reps at another position. Example: Backup Corner getting a few reps at Defensive End, looks like he may fill out some. Backup Corner getting a few reps at Safety, Backup Defensive End getting a few reps at Linebacker, he is coming on confidence wise and seems to have a nose for the football and has played more physical the last 2 weeks.

Special Teams, last 45 minutes: Kickoffs, Kick Returns ( lots of onside kick practice), punt, punt returns, extra points. Lots of practice covering fake punts (oldest age group only, other punts are not live). While we don’t go live with this we get plenty of conditioning in covering kicks and wave hands in the faces of the returners.

The youngest team age 7-9 do not punt so they ended up doing some fun towel game competitions.

Thursday is our academic accountability night, The kids turn in their weekly eligibility form that is scored by their parents and teacher. We add up the scores and the team with the highest average for the week gets pizza at the end of this practice, we have it delivered to the field. We also do end of year individual awards for academics as well.

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