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Game 7 Results



Game 7 Results:

Age 7-9 won 45-20 in a game we dominated from the opening kickoff. The game film showed several minor things we need to work on on offense, small tweaks. “Special Played” all 3 defensive TDs to keep the game from being running clocked from the first quarter.

Age 10-11 won 24-12 after leading 24-0 in the fourth quarter. As stated from early on in the season, this team is extremely thin with just 1 striper and 6 kids that have played before. There just isn’t any depth at all, so when we put all the seconds in on defense, we are fairly certain to give up a score to even average teams. We did see one rookie kids. “light bulb” finally come on, which happens from time to time at the most unsuspecting of times.

Age 12-13 lost 30-8 in a game we led 8-0 at the half. Losing a fumble and two onside kicks ( perfectly executed, really nothing we could have done would have prevented recoveries) started the momentum against us in a game we again only punted once.  We stalled twice inside the 10, one with the help of a well deserved penalty against us.

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  1. Mike

    Dave, can you stop the unbalanced single wing with a wide tackle six? How? Also, I’m torn between the wide tackle six and a 44 stack. Help me out here.


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