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Game 9 Youth Football Results

sep_18_0503-cplGame 9 Youth Football Results

Our end of season “Bowl” Games ended up as follows:

Age 7-9 won 36-14 against a well coached 5-3 (record) team. They lined up perfectly on all our formations, we ran 4 different ones in this game. They started with 4 bearcrawlers, we never wedged, gouged them off-tackle, and play action passes, When they went to 2 BCs, we changed it up a bit. We ran maybe 2-3 wedge plays the entire game. Fun to play teams like that. Ended up 8-1, and we got our travel trophy back. This is a great fierce, hard played, well coached. but friendly rivalry. Hats off to RD on putting a great game plan together, they couldn’t have played us any better.

Age 10-11 won 46-26 over a formerly 7-1 team. This team tried everything including “wrong ball” which we had practiced against ( illegal play) our best Linebacker CRUSHED the kid, he fumbles, we get it. We score 3 plays later to take the lead, onside kick, get it, score again in 1 play to break a 14-14 tie and open up the game. Then the floodgates opened. We are without question best team in league at 8-1, hitting on all cylinders. Not bad for a team with just 1 “striper” and 17 rookie players.

Age 12-13 lost 14-12 in heartbreaker. Driving for lead score as time runs out at their 20 we lose possession. We went max slowdown and held the ball in the opening drive for over 10 minutes, getting bogged down at the opponnents 18 after a penalty put us in an unmakeable 4th and 14. We moved the ball very well and only punted once all game. We ran jet 28 to tie it up early on a 4th and 1 play. We had other chances, a successful fake punt, a successful onsides kick and an 18 sweep pass, caught in the wide open for an apparent score, dragged down from behind.  Rocket 47 open for a TD, slot runs it inside for a small gain etc. The Kids played hard, we wedged very well but not quite enough to take the game. Same story this season with this team. They played hard but with only 1 offfensive play of over 30 yards with this team all year long, we had no long ball threat after losing 3 of our top 4 scorers from the previous team. Very limited athleticism, no size, and just 1 striped player in our first year with a team in this age bracket in the league. We had just four 13 year olds on this team and two them were first yeaar players. All in all, very happy with the effort as every 12 year old said they were returning to play next season after the game was over.

Our parents decide via vote if we are to travel for out of town Youth Football tournament games, as it is they who would have to come up with the funds. The parents decided on no tournaments this season. In their defense we only have about 1 hour of light to practice by at this time of the year. Once we go to daylight savings time all that would be available to us would be non contact gym time, which is hard to come by as well as Saturday practices which interferes with NU football, harvest and the beginning of basketball, which is the top sport in the High School we feed into.

 Head coaching all 3 teams was a real challenge. Trying to eliminate some of the same mistakes I made when I started and grew an Organization in Omaha to 16 teams, led me to Head Coach all 3 teams. Practicing all 3 teams combined for 1/2 of most practices (match ups were always even) helped leverage the coaching talent we had during INDYS. Having all 3 teams on one pratice field and staggering the ending times helped as well. After next season I will be back to 1 team per season.

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