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Youth Football Game 8 Results



Game 8 Results

Age 7-9 Lost 9-6 in triple overtime in Division Title game. Both of these youth teams were undefeated and the opponent was unscored upon. Unfortunately while both teams were in the same division, we were not scheduled to play each other. The tie breaker is strength of schedule which our team was leading very handily. But we felt it was unfair to settle the division in this fashion and lobbied aggressively to the league to reschedule our last game to allow this matchup. It was a well played and hard fought game that was decided on a 4th down game ending field goal.

Age 10-11 won 38-6 in a game we led by three touchdowns at the end of the first quarter. Since this was nearly our last game, it was a home game and we had the game well in hand, we allowed 19 different players to carry the ball, an all time high for one game. This team has come together very well and is now 7-1 and without question the best team in the division. Unfortunately like the above example this team was not scheduled to play the division leader, had we beaten them we would be in the semi finals and in my opinion probably won the league title. Not bad for a team with just 6 players that had played youth football before and just 1 striped player.

Age 12-13 lost 36-20 in a game against a team starting 5 striped players to our 1. I was very proud of our kids for hanging in there. We moved the ball very well, never punted, but couldn’t hide on defense as we went max slowdown to lessen the pressure on the defense.

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