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Clinic Schedule

We have done over 40 clinics in the last 2 years, They are a great hands on way for you to improve your coaching skills and teams.

Reserve your seat now by going to: //winningyouthfootball.com/footballclinics.php

These are the dates and times we have for our 2009 Clinic Schedule:

2/7               Frank Glazier Clinic–Baltimore

2/14             Frank Glazier Clinic–Boston


2/27-28        Clinic of Champions-Reno

3/7           Frank Glazier Clinic —Chicago

3/14          Winning Youth Football Clinic-Denver

3/21            Winning Youth Football Clinic–Atlanta

4/4               Winning Youth Football Clinic —Orlando


4/25             Winning Youth Football Clinic —Los Angeles

5/23             Winning Youth Football Clinic —Dallas

5/30             Winning Youth Football Clinic–Houston

6/6              Winning Youth Football Clinic–San Antonio

6/7             Winning Youth Football Clinic —Austin

6/19-20      Winning Youth Football Clinic-  Greenville, SC- Private  

6/27          Winning Youth Football Clinic–Seattle

7/11            Winning Youth Football Clinic–Cincinnati  

Check with the Glazier and Clinic of Champions for speaking times. The Glazier clinics are free for all youth coaches. The Winning Youth Football Clinics are from 9am-3pm and include a box lunch. If you prepay the $89 fee you get an updated copy of the book “Winning Youth Football a Step by Step Plan” on CDROM. This includes all the updates as well as the new “Burst” series. You also get a free copy of any DVD we offer. These are mailed to you the same day that you reserve your seat at the clinic. The Book and DVDs total value  is $75 so you get the clinic basically for $14. This will be up on the web site with the ability to purchase via credit card in the next 2 weeks, or by phone right now. The clinic sites are usually an Embassy Suites or Homewood Suites and will be updated. You will be e-mailed with the location at least 30 days prior to the clinic. So if you are near any of these sites you may want to let your family know about it for Christmas. Keep checking the clinics button on the web site as we add additional dates and locations.

Private Clinics:


If you want to do a private clinic or have a group of 6-8 coaches and want to do a public clinic in your area, give us a call at 402-730-8151. We were booked for nearly every weekend in 2009 so let us know as soon as possible to reserve your date.

The Winning Youth Football Clinic Topics are:

Practice Organization– Making it fun and effective, do more in less time

Defense- Installing a defense that works in youth football

Effective Offensive Line Play– The most neglected but most important area of youth football. Getting the most out of your youth linemen, blocking schemes, drills, techniques that work.


Implementing the Single Wing Offense– Score more points, have more fun, The base Sainted Six, Mouse Series, Wedge Series, Spinner Series, Spread Jet Series, Burst Series. Tips, tricks and formationing to average over 40 points per game.


Game Day Management– How to scout, key, play sequence and make adjustments on the fly.


Speed Development-  Improving running form and “football speed” in youth football players.


Character Development– Step by Step hands on program for building character in your players and team.


The private clinics also can incorporate an on field team segment. The private clinics include a free copy of the book “Winning Youth Football a Step-by-Step Plan” on CDROM for every coach in attendance.

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