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Big Turnarounds In Youth Football


Big Turnaround Seasons in Youth Football

Did you have a memorable season that was a big turnaround this year using the “Winning Youth Football” System?

We have over 100 new testimonials in so far and there are some very impressive season turnarounds. Do you have a good one you can share?

Send me an e-mail at coachdave@winningyouthfootball.com with your teams story. How  the team did last year compared to what you did this year with the new system.

It doesn’t have to be a worst to first story, just a compelling turnaround story. The winner will receive a free “Ultra Package” worth $280 and free admission to the closest WYF clinic in your area for a total value of $375.

Early on this September I got an e-mail from a coach who took over a team from Oklahoma I think, who last year scored zero points for the season and get this: didn’t record a first down in 4 of those games. His goal was to be able to score a few touchdowns in their 2008 season. In their first game they won 26-6 and the next one they won big as well scoring 6 touchdowns. I haven’t heard back from that coach yet, but hope he will chime back in.

The contest ends on 12/1/2008, we will announce the winners the following week.

Even if you don’t have a great turnaround story, please e-mail us with your end of season results and your thoughts. We always appreciate hearing from you.


Dave Cisar

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