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Youth Football Coach of the Year Honors

Youth Football Coach of the Year Honors


There are thousands of great youth football coaches out there coaching for unselfish reasons. These coaches understand the game should be respected and played well. Many of us know that as a youth football coach, you have a huge responsibility in helping your players develop a love and appreciation of the game. Most of you comprehend the power of the bully pulpit you command merely by sitting in the position of coach. 

Most of us that have played the game, understand how important coaching is. Nearly all of us can recall the names of every one of our coaches, even the names of the guys that coached us 40 years ago. Some of us were impacted quite deeply and have used the positive experiences of the game to help shape who we are and even shape our world view. I for one appreciate all the time, energy, passion and effort all youth coaches put into developing kids and striving for excellence. People as diverse as Ronald Reagan, Winston Churchill,  and even Bill Gates have said they support the role competitive sports play in developing young men.

Coach of the Year, Complete Coach of the Year

The Winning Youth Football coaching awards are a way for us to thank and recognize these coaches.
We have two awards the “Winning Youth Football Coach of the Year”  award and the “Winning Youth Football Complete Coach of the Year” award. Both awards are pictured above.

 How to Enter

We begin taking nominations and applications for both awards starting November 1st and stop taking applications on December 20th. Our final decision is announced every January 12th. This years winners were Trevor Henry of Charlottesville, Virginia and Don Berniard of Baton Rouge Louisiana. Trevor will be accepting his award at the Baltimore Glazier Clinic on February 7th and Don will be accepting his award at the Houston Winning Youth Football Clinic in Houston on May 30th.
The “Winning Youth Football Coach of the Year” Award criteria:

Improved the team record from worst to first place in one year
Retained over 90% of the teams players for the season
Be in good standing in the league you are playing in
Must be using the Winning Youth Football System

Criteria for the “Winning Youth Football Complete Coach of the Year ” Award:

Retention rate of 90% or above
Fielded a competitive team whose potential was maximized
Actively taught life skills
Supported academic excellence
Was the model of sportsmanship in your respective league
Went beyond the call of duty to weave all players into the fabric of the team
Show a genuine love for the players
Modeled behavior that players would be well served to replicate
Be a man of integrity.
Have a passion for developing the youth of America using the great game of football as your tool of choice
Must be using the Winning Youth Football System.

153 Entrries

We had 153 nominations and applicants for the Coach of the Year Award. I started the “Complete” Coach of the Year award this year after sharing with you all the success Don Berniard had with his teams on and off the field. His efforts humbled me and was the inspiration for developing the award.

Why We Coach Youth Football

While hopefully none of us are coaching youth football for personal recognition or awards, it can be helpful as you plan out your 2009 season, to think about what these guys have done. What changes are you are going to make next season that could put you among the elite youth coaches like Trevor, Don, Kevin Justice, Dan Schlager and the like? What are your kids going to think of their youth football season 20 or 30 years from now ? Or about you? Or about the lessons you and the game taught them?

2009 Changes

My personal plan is already partly mapped out for the 2009 season, thanks to a heavy reading list ( thanks to my willing wife’s Christmas shopping) and an honest reflection of how last season went. By the time my big public clinic season is over with and getting counsel from other successful coaches, my detailed plan should be in place in May. What are you doing now to make your 2009 season a success?

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