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Youth Football Coaches Clinic- Baltimore

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baltimore-clinic-2009-0062This past weekend I had the pleasure of speaking at the Frank Glazier Clinic in Baltimore. What a great clinic and outstanding crowd. While presenting in even the largest room, 5 of the 6 sessions were standing room only with over 200 coaches in every session.

I’m always humbled and encouraged at these clinics, hearing how youth football coaches are positively impacting the lives of young men. I don’t think I will ever feel comfortable autographing books, because the real heroes in youth football are the guys buying the book, not me. But, it’s always heartwarming to hear the stories of how our program has helped coaches make the season a success for their kids. While there may be a skeptic or two in every crowd, the enthusiasm of the audience, the demos, the logic and the film usually win out in the end.

We all got to meet Tevor Henry from Charlottesville, Virginia, winner of the “Winning Youth Football Coach of the Year Award” . Trevor is a very humble but articulate man, a guy any of us would love to have our kids play for. Tevors team went from 0-8 to 11-0 in 2008 and was able to retain all of his players, using the WYF System. Lets give the credit where credit is due, to Trevor, his kids and his coaches, the did an incredible job and gave their kids some great lifetime memories.

Lessons Learned

Another great thing about these clinics is the ability to learn from others, like my good friend Tony Holland. Tony has been running our stuff since the “basement tapes” era , we both have come a long way since then. Tony is a humble self-made entrepreneur with a truly amazing background. This is a guy who used many of the lessons he learned from the youth football field to lift himself up from an extremely difficult home situation and even homelessness. Tony employs over 150 people and has one of the largest and most successful insurance companies of its kind in the country. After seeing Tony deal with his employees and hearing about some of the great innovations he came up, I can see why he has succeeded at everything he has tried. Tony is the ultimate motivator and problem solver. Of course his kids were in the thick of the title hunt this year and he got all his kids back. I can see why everyone wants to play for his team. Tony, thanks for picking me up at the airport if you are reading this.

Great Baltimore Youth Coach

I got to hear from guys like Demetrius Millard who is a football coaches as much as he is a social worker in the inner-city of Baltimore. Coach was beaming with pride as he told me that every one of his former 8th grade players, now High School Seniors have been accepted to College and 10 of them are even going to play College football. He is pioneering some very interesting stuff with his organization including having his kids work with terminally ill children and having his kids take weekly etiquette lessons from a renowned local expert.

Building Relationships

I had the pleasure of breaking bread and sharing thoughts with coach Moshe, a new friend who used our system and took a 3-8 team and turned them into champions in just one season. It is such an honor and humbling to get to know these guys and hear who they are and what they have accomplished.

We all know there are too many guys in youth football for the wrong reasons, and the pettiness of some can sour even the strongest willed coaches among us. But when I get around guys like the ones I met in Baltimore, I get very encouraged about youth football and our ability as coaches to grow the game so even more kids can gain the great life lessons the game teaches us all.

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