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Youth Football Coaching Clinic- Denver

Denver Youth Football Coaching Clinic

What a great clinic in Denver this past weekend. We had nearly a full house in the mini amphitheatre setup at the Double Tree in Aurora. Nothing brings a smile to my face faster than listening to all the guys who ran my
stuff for the first time last season talking about how well their seasons went.

Funny how nearly all youth football coaches go through nearly identical trials and tribulations when running this system for the first time and using the priorities and methodologies promoted in the book and videos. What seems to also be common thread is the success so many of these coaches in the Denver area had right out of the chute, including several worst to near first experiences.

What makes these clinics so special is many of the coaches share nearly the exact same stories, leading to lots of smiling nodding amens, smarmy smirks and lots of great laughs. Once you find out you aren’t the only coach out there in an outlaw league, surrounded by dysfunctional player agents (parents) and coaches, you tend to feel a little better about yourself. The “abnormal” is the norm in many leagues and on many teams. Once you find that out,  you don’t feel so “out there”, like you are the only voice of sane reason crying out in the wilderness.

The moral of the story is there is a lot of great stuff that happens in youth football, don’t lose heart if you think you are in an impossible situation. Those situations are a lot more common than you may think.

Special thanks to the Los Alamos guys that drove six hours to get to the clinic and to the Salt Lake group that flew in, that’s commitment.

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