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Game 1 Results

Week 1 Game Results

 All three of the youth football teams I coach won games this Sunday. These were non-league games against teams whose age ranges are 1 year older than ours in games for my 2 younger teams. My 3rd-4th graders beat the Omaha Cornhuskers age 8-10 team 34-6 after taking a commanding 28-6 halftime lead. We only ran the “Sainted Six” plus 1. Defensively we were very good and disciplined with the other team only breaking contain once during the opening series and not a single time after that, even on 4-5 reverse plays. We adjusted real well to both unbalanced lines and several trips formations. We looked very crisp aligning both on offense and defense and the subbing was nearly flawless.

 The 5th-6th graders beat the Omaha Cornhuskers age 11-12 team 22-0 after taking a solid 14-0 lead into halftime. This team was massive, with 2 players well over 200 lbs in the middle and the one player had outstanding feet. We were easily outweighed 30-100 lbs per man on the offensive line. We were even able to wedge this team later in the game. Offensively we are running just 2 Series now, for a total of 12 plays along with a handful of adjustments. Defensively we gave up just 3-4 first downs and adjusted very well to both unbalanced lines, twins and trips sets. The opposition ran at least 7-8 counters, all but one resulting in negative yardage plays. They ran just 1 sweep for more than 10 yards.  

 The 7th-8th graders beat the Omaha Roncalli Junior Pride 44-6.  We scored early and often, taking a 32-0 halftime lead. Playing a team with a set of 240 lb defensive tackles, we were outsized on the line yet again, but it didn’t seem to faze our little guys much. We have 4 series in now for a total of about 20 plays. On defense we gave up 2-3 first downs, the tackling and run fits as well as pass coverage were outstanding as the opponent ended up scoring on the last play of the game. Fundamentally we were very sound with our first two steps as well as tackling technique.  By games end 17 different players had carried the ball. As is the case with many first games, we had several rookie players jump off-sides.

 Lots of room for improvement, but a solid first game outing. No major injuries and the sportsmanship was outstanding.

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  1. Alan Parks

    Hi coach – I’m in my first season as head coach of a 6-8 yr old pee wee team here in Portland Maine. We have a total of 14 players on our team, with 4 8 yr olds who are in their third year of football.

    I am a believer! I bought your book this summer and took some time to digest it. My 8 yr old son also took some time to look over the plays. In our first game last weekend, we ran 24 offensive plays using your system and scored 12 touchdowns, and shut out the other team. We ran almost all 22 and 32 wedges in the second half to be sportsmanlike as we had scored so many times with the 16 and 18 plays, and still scored on 4 straight plays.

    The other team never adjusted to our line, and frankly never had a chance against so many blockers. The other coach even questioned the legality of pulling a guard.

    Our defense gave up 10 total yards in 24 plays. We have to play a straight 6-4 helmet to helmet line with no gap play, and your defensive angle form tackling drills have made a huge impact on the boys.

    I can’t thank you enough. We are down to 2 one-hour practices a week during school, while the other teams struggle to fit everything into 90 minute or two hour practices. We hope to continue our winning ways.

    Take good care,

    Alan Parks


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