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Your Season Ending Youth Football Results

Your end of season results are very important to us. We love to hear how things went for your youth football team, both the good and the bad, what worked and what didn’t work. We put 48 new posts on the testimonials page yesterday from guys reporting in on their 2009 season. We love hearing from you, please let us know how you ended up.

If you are still playing, e-mail us and let us know how we can help you in your playoff run.


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  1. ed newcombe

    Our 10-12 year olds ended up 4-4-1 using your system for the first time this year. Last two years we were 0-9 with only 10 TD’s last year. I lost my 1 back after the third game this year with a season ending injury. Without speed in the backfield, I had to rely on power plays. We were also successful with the passing plays from your system. One thing I noticed, was that we were one de-mentionable; meaning once the other team stopped our plays to the right, we started to sputter on offense with no speed to the outside. So, I created more plays to the left and a Burst 34. On defense, I started the season with a 6-2 but switched to a 5-3 in the second half of the season. This gave me a different look on defense when we needed it. 5-3 is good for the sweeps and 6-2 is better if they are running 3&4 holes. But, most of all the kids had fun this year and learned more this year than my last two. “Agents” were also happy. Looking forward to your clinic in Jan in MD. Thanks again Coach Cisar.

  2. Coach Troy

    Hi Dave,

    I’m an HC for a 12-13 year olds and have run your system with great success. Last year we made it to our provincial semi-finals only to lose to a select team from Victoria. This year we have a 9-1 record, the loss can rest squarely on my shoulders for making a bad call. I’m running it straight out of the book, except we play Canadian rules and have a 12th man on the field. For our playoff run it would be great to add a wrinkle or two. What to you suggest?

  3. Coach Jay


    I coach a team of 9, 10 & 11 year olds and I have been running your system for the last 3 years. This year has really been great, we are 7-1 and playing for our league championship. The level I am coaching didn’t win a single game last year so to be where we’re at now is really great (different coach not running this system). This offense is extremely easy to teach and extremely affective (If taught right). Thanks coach for everything.

  4. Shawn Murray

    Coach Cisar,

    Thanks for your system. I’m a believer.

    This year would have been a disaster without your system. I got into an 8-man 8-9 year old indoor league this year. This is my 2nd year as a head coach, I used your system last year in 11-man in more of an equal talented league and had good success.

    The league I coached in this year had a draft. I was excited about the draft until I found out the following:

    1. Each team could lock-up 6 players before the combine/draft.

    2. Many players did not come to the Combine.( I found out later that coaches told players not to come and they would draft them in later rounds)

    3. Rookie coaches were not given weights or ages.

    My problem was that I didn’t know any of these Kids, so I had 2 locks (My son and his best friend). I only drafted players that were at the combine.

    Bottom line here was that I had a team that was set up to fail. We ended up making it to the conference semi-final playoff game against the team run by the league commissioner (This team won the league championship 53-6) They were very scared of our wedge. (The wedge is a tremendous play with low talented backs and blockers) They had to resort to barrel rolling our center to beat us 40-12.

    Thanks for your system, you could really see the difference in our kids from start to finish this year because of the high repetition focused practices. We just couldn’t quite overcome the huge talent disparity and the slight differences in 8-man game. I’ve learned alot and think there is a championship coming our way next year with your system.


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