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Game 10 Update

In the last game of the season my 7-8th Grade team beat a very solid and huge Double Wing team 30-12 in a game we dominated from the start. We were ahead 24-0 early in the second quarter in an extra game we lined up with an inner-city team with very good size and speed from Omaha from a different league.

We were able to get 13 different kids the ball because we dominated. This Double Wing team ran the usually Wyatt/Markham off tackle toss with both G&T pulling, wedge, counter, xx reverse, trap, sweep and a couple of passes. They didn’t get a first down in the first half and got just 2 in the game. They scored on a 55 yard QB scramble with 4 seconds left to go in the first quarter and on 60 yard pass play against our backups.

This team ran their base offense for almost the entire game and while they were in the Double Wing they rushed for negative yards. We used our base defense with a handful of nuances and techniques we installed in our Thursday practice. On offense we scored on every possession with the first team on spinner 32, rocket 28, 18 and spinner 26 pass. 16 nasty tunnel, and Burst 26 G were our big plays and we ran more 43s and Burst 43 Gs than normal.

I was very pleased with my kids, finishing 9-1 and losing to the league Champion by 26-14 ( they won the title game 26-0) in a game we had 4 turnovers and had 4 starters out including our starting Quarterback, Blocking Back, Linebacker and both starting Corners. While we were outplayed we weren’t quite at our best, as our leading rusher had an after game temp of 101.5 etc This team was the smallest team in the league and the smallest I have every seen at this age group. Our starters from tight end to tight end were: 115, 118, 120, 138, 212, 120, 115 and our backups were even smaller, just a single striped player on the team and just 2 players over 140 pounds. My 5th-6th grade team was bigger than this squad.

Due to the flu and injury bug we started a new lineup nearly every week. This forced us to not only cross train lots of players but also coach up everyone we had, even more than our very aggressive norm. This brought our team closer together and made them true believers. Before the season I had slotted this team at 3-6 to 6-4, one of the few times I’ve been wrong on a team potential.

Unfortunately we couldn’t find any other takers for extra games for our younger teams and ended up a combined 24-4 for the season. Come back for more posts in the coming weeks detailing the many new lessons we learned from our 14th season using this system.

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  1. Chason Hayes

    Great points Dave. Certainly our teams are not scouted as well as yours are and have less to fear from that point of view. Also, having the opposing coaches know what we are going to do is a far cry from the opposing players knowing what we are going to do. It is the kids on the field we have to beat, not the coaches.

    A long question on formation adjustments. Are there formation/play combinations you do not run or where the blocking rules/tags change? If so what are they? Such as can you run the sainted 6 from all formations with base blocking rules or would you add adjustments specific to each formation?

    IE The Mesh formation has the WB and RE split yet the 16 power blocking rule for the RE is GOD and WB FBI.

    with the example above, I have concerns about the RE making his block from 7 yards out? I can see where the tunnel call or the sweep blocking rules would easily work, but am unsure about running all plays from all formations with blocking rules unchanged.

    Also 43 reverse from Mesh has potential timing issues with the WB hitting the hole too late etc. What is your experience with this?

    1. davecisar


      We have not run Mesh since 2006, it is not in any of the materials we have published since 2007. We felt the Jet Series got us a lot more with less “cost” of implementation, so we added the Jet and cut the Mesh. We do run 43 out of Jet very nicely as the 4 is just 3 yards outside the Power Tackle. We also run a very nice 16 out that under the Jet motion with our base kickout, pull through scheme and “Wingback” now in a slot sealing the linebacker who is often flowing hard to the Jet motion.

      There are a handful of plays we won’t run out of some of the formations, like we dont like 43 out of “Double” etc, as the BB doesn’t have a good angle for his block. Pretty common sense stuff, but will be presented in greater detail via spread sheet in the upcoming release of the “Single Wing 303” DVD in March. 303 will go into great detail on the tags and adjustments we make against various looks.

  2. chason hayes

    Well obviously I am out of date with your materials since I bought a copy of everything you had back in early 2006. what do I need to get up to date and do you offer discounts for repeat customers?

    1. davecisar


      When you buy the 2008 Games DVD you get a 30 page addendum with all the new stuff. We make small changesand additions every year to improve the system. When you coach 138 games running the same system you learn a few nuances along the way.


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