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Game 9 Results

This weeks game results:

My 5-6th grade team won 32-14 over a well coached 5-2 Spread team. Scored 4 times on Burst 26G, key the QB or the BB and the Burst 26G is there every time. We made 2 defensive adjustments at halftime and shut them out the second half. The head of this organization used to coach with me and knows the offense inside and out, great guy and an organization in a poorly served area of Omaha that should prosper under his leaderhip. This teams best overall game, very happy with the effort.

My 3rd-4th grade team lost 14-13 to a very physical and well coached 7-1 team in a heartbreaker. The opponent had mercy ruled almost every opponent, a very good team.We made a single defensive adjustment at the half that I thought would help, it did as we held them without a first down in the second half. Great opposing coach and crowd, they sent us e-mails on how well our boys played and what great sports we were etc Very happy with the effort and progress this team made.

My 7-8th grade team won via forfeit, more on that later. The extra game schedules come out on Wednesday after the Sunday games. On Thursday after the schedule is released all of a sudden our opponent claims too many injuries and sickness to play. My guess is had it been anyone other than us, they would have been fine to play. For every game but 1 we have had a different lineup. In our only loss we were missing our starting fullback and inside linebacker to concussion, our starting QB and our 3 best corners to the flu. Our starting tailback/inside backer had a 102 temperature after the game. At 7-8th grade you have injuries and kids out every week, it’s part of the game. Plus it’s the last game, it’s not like you are forfeiting to heal up and play another day. I guess 7-0 via forfeit looks better than 40-6 to some, we are healthy now and playing our best ball. In my opinion the best team in the league.  What was so disappointing about this game was, we had 8 players on this team who had been together with the program since its inception, 6 years ago. They wanted to play another game together and go out in style. In almost 20 seasons of coaching this is the first time we ever had a league opponent forfeit.

We ended up 23-4 and with the best combined record in the league.

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