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Youth Football Coach of the Year Awards

This Years Winning Youth Football Coach of the Year Awards

Each year selecting a Single Winner for all three award categories gets more difficult. It was very difficult selecting one winner for each category this year, there were so many compelling stories submitted. I sincerely appreciate all the coaches that coached this year and embraced our approach to coaching youth football and making special seasons for the kids in their charge. We appreciate you taking the time to share your seasons with us. My wife and I love reading your stories and can feel the passion, pride and love each of you has for your players through the words you write. The decision we made this year was so gut wrenching, we almost decided to cancel doing an award for next season, it was that difficult, there were so many deserving coaches out there. So thanks again to all of you for what you do.

The 2009 Winning Youth Football, Worst to First Coach of the Year Award goes to:
Jay Exum and the entire Redskin Coaching Staff, Raleigh Redskins age 7-9, Cary North Carolina

The 2009 Winning Youth Football Coach of the Year Award goes to:
Kevin Skibinski, Tri City Gold, Geneva Illinois age 10-11s

The 2009 Winning Youth Football Organization of the Year Award:
Spirit of Faith Warriors, Temple Hills, Maryland, Dion Golatt and Staff

I will be doing more in-depth write ups on these programs in the blog in the coming weeks, including some video of Spirit of Faith at the AYF National Championships in Orlando, where I got to meet their coaches, parents and kids.

Here are their stories:

Coach Dave,

I’m sure you hear a good number of turn around stores but few as compelling as the story of the Raleigh Redskins accomplished this season using the Winning Youth Football system. To say the Redskins were a bad football program would be putting it lightly. In 2008 this team was 1-6 and had scored 3 touchdowns for the entire season, the season before we were 0-7. Going back through the entire history of the Redskins they had never had a winning season and had only picked up an “odd” win here and there.

In fact this story even gets “better”, the league is divided into 6 pods, and each pod drafts players onto 2 teams. The reason this is important is when a player was drafted by the Redskins it was often viewed as a “death sentence”, kids and parents avoided our team like the plague. Parents commonly called the city to ask if their kids could be transferred off of our team. Getting the letter from us saying a player had been selected by the Redskins was as well received as getting an IRS audit letter.

My son had the good fortune to be selected to play for the Redskins and despite suffering through a 1-6 season, loved playing the game. I was asked to help, but had only played 1 year of football so I got on the internet and started doing my research, that is how your name came to my attention. I bought all your materials and found them so compelling I asked the other coaches to consider using your system. In the end they all decided to go whole hog, we used your Single Wing Offense, your defense, special teams, teaching progressions, drills and even your daily minute by minute practice plans.

This year the Redskins finished undefeated at 9-0. Instead of our 3 touchdowns total from last year, we never scored less than 3 touchdowns in any single game. We averaged over 27 points per game (mercy rule kicks in at 24 point differential) and our opponents averaged 6 points per game. We recorded 4 shutouts with your defense and won our championship game 27-0 against a team that has dominated us and the league for years. We were the talk of the league to put it mildly.

The coaches were proud of the season, but more importantly our kids had so much fun not only winning but using all the things you suggest to make practices fast paced and fun. Thank you so much for putting this together, you provided 30 children and 6 coaches an experience of a lifetime that none of us will soon forget.

Jay Exum
Raleigh Redskins
Cary, NC


In 2007 I implemented your system and had a great season however, in 2008 as you already know, we went 12-0 with a super bowl title (97lb weight limit with 10 & 11 year olds). Well, 2009 showed to be another great year, going 12-0 again with a second super bowl title. Needless to say your system works. I also think it is funny that I took all kinds of grief, especially the first year when I used your system. Not only was I the first one to bring this offense to our league of over 1,500 kids, but our team is pure proof that with back to back super bowls (24-0) over a two year time frame along with having the best PF (points for) and the lowest PA (points against), your system really does work if followed correctly. Again, I just wanted to personally thank you for your efforts in putting the coaching materials together and sharing it with other coaches such as myself. I have coached youth football for over 9 years and I can say, I have found the right recipe. Winning is very fun by the way!

Best Regards,

Kevin Skibinski,
Geneva IL


We are just a second year American Youth Football program based in Temple Hills, Maryland. We are the Spirit of Faith “Warriors”. In 2008 these were our team records: TM 0-9, MM 9-3 (this was my team) Cadet 1-7, PW 1-9, M 0-9, Total 11-37. We were looking on the internet for a system that our entire organization could implement and adopt across all teams that would allow us to compete in a very competitive AYF league in the Washington DC area. After listening to you at the Baltimore Frank Glazier clinic, we bought all your materials and implemented the system with all but one of our teams in 2009. We used your offense, defense, we followed your system to the T directly from the book with no deviations. This is how we fared in our 2009 season: TM 10-2 (League Runner Up), MM 8-4 (League Runner Up), Cadet 11-2 (League Champ, State Champ, National #2), JPW 13-5 (League Champ, National #3) PW 1-8 (Coach didn’t use your system) JV Unlimited 5-4 Midget 4-9 (League Champ, State Champ).

Not only did were we able to compete across the board and do a worst to first turnaround with nearly all the teams using your system, we sent 4 teams to the AYF National Championships in Orlando Florida. Our cadet team played for the National Title and came in 2nd while our Junior Pee Wee team won 2 games and beat the 2 time defending national champions the Staten Island Hurricanes to claim 3rd place.

Our boys, our coaches and our parents had a very special season. As a Faith based program we understand the importance of keeping kids engaged, having a great season like this was a true blessing. All glory to God and thanks to all our coaches and your help and guidance this season. No one expected us to compete in our league, let alone win it and play in Orlando against some of the best teams in the Nation, thanks again.

Dion Golatt,
Spirit of Faith Warriors
Temple Hills, MD

TM Angus Jno-Baptiste
MM Spencer Hawkins
Cadet Donald Grant
Jr. PeeWee Dion Golatt
JV Unlimited Stan Stancil
Midget Daren Hester

Pastor Jeff Wooten Admin

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  1. Kevin Black

    Wow. Great stories. All incredibly worthy of the honor. I submitted a story but think all of these choices are right on the money.



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