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What Dave Cisar and the Screaming Eagles are doing in Nebraska is inspirational. Truly, I believe the Eagles organization should be congratulated and studies to ensure that youth football organizations throughout this great country can share in the joy and life lessons discovered through using this system.

The Screaming Eagles have a proven track record when it comes to winning youth football games. Because of this track record, the emphasis on teamwork and thousands for hours of research Dave has done, this book does what it claims in the title. It is a how-to book designed for you, the coach to provide your players and your community a method of Winning Youth Football games.

Reading this book makes me think like a coach, it inspires me to coach, and it makes me reflect and remember the joy and satisfaction I felt from playing and coaching youth football. “Winning Youth Football” is a ready-to-use football tutor available at your fingertips. Every youth football coach should have this book in his arsenal.

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