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We are just a second year American Youth Football program based in Temple Hills, Maryland. We are the Spirit of Faith “Warriors”. In 2008 these were our team records: TM 0-9, MM 9-3 (this was my team) Cadet 1-7, PW 1-9, M 0-9, Total 11-37. We were looking on the internet for a system that our entire organization could implement and adopt across all teams that would allow us to compete in a very competitive AYF league in the Washington DC area. After listening to you at the Baltimore Frank Glazier clinic, we bought all your materials and implemented the system with all but one of our teams in 2009. We used your offense, defense, we followed your system to the T directly from the book with no deviations. This is how we fared in our 2009 season: TM 10-2 (League Runner Up), MM 8-4 (League Runner Up), Cadet 11-2 (League Champ, State Champ, National #2), JPW 13-5 (League Champ, National #3) PW 1-8 (Coach didn’t use your system) JV Unlimited 5-4 Midget 4-9 (League Champ, State Champ).

Not only did were we able to compete across the board and do a worst to first turnaround with nearly all the teams using your system, we sent 4 teams to the AYF National Championships in Orlando Florida. Our cadet team played for the National Title and came in 2nd while our Junior Pee Wee team won 2 games and beat the 2 time defending national champions the Staten Island Hurricanes to claim 3rd place.

Our boys, our coaches and our parents had a very special season. As a Faith based program we understand the importance of keeping kids engaged, having a great season like this was a true blessing. All glory to God and thanks to all our coaches and your help and guidance this season. No one expected us to compete in our league, let alone win it and play in Orlando against some of the best teams in the Nation, thanks again.

Dion Golatt,
Spirit of Faith Warriors
Temple Hills, MD

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