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We have been on the clinic trail solid for the last 8 weeks. Clinics are great, no matter how much I think I know I can always pick up at least 3-4 things I can apply to my teams every week. HOWEVER, with all the clinic topics and sessions going on, some are much better use of the coaches time than others.

When you are a youth coach, you need to primarily go to YOUTH topics taught by YOUTH coaches. Going to hear a college coach talk about the intricacies of the Gun Veer triple option or 3-4 defense are fun, but how much of it can you really apply to your youth football team? Remember you will have less than half the practice time, most of us don’t cut players like college teams and most of us even play all our kids. Most High School teams will never even see our weaker kids, they aren’t going out of High School football. The plays we defend and the offenses we can run are often times much different than Colleges or High Schools.

Recently I went to a youth topic being taught by a High School coach. When one of the clinic attendees asked the presenter about minimum play players, the High School coach looked at the guy asking the question like he had three heads. The net of it is, most High School and College coaches don’t understand the constraints we live under, they don’t fully understand the youth football dynamic. If you want to know if something really works in real life on grass in youth football, go listen to a youth football coach that is coaching it. Theory is great, but get it from a guy who has seen if it really works in real life. How could you know if your theories are valid until you’ve throughly tested them in the lab or youth football game field?

That doesn’t mean all the High School or College coach presentations can’t add value to your program, they can. But be VERY wary of the scheme specific presentations. Many of the sessions on motivating players, team building or developing character have been well worth the time. Most of the other sessions were simply for my own knowledge, I rarely if ever applied any of it to my teams.

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