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Thoughts from the Nike Coach of the Year Clinic- Orlando

For those of you that attended, the Nike Clinic was excellent. They had a full slate of real life youth coaches speaking on real life youth topics. There were also a few sessions being presented by College and High School coaches that made sense for us youth coaches. 

I really enjoyed meeting Navy Head Coach Ken Niumatalolo. While coach did talk about his option attack he also shared with us the special way Navy brings teams together. Sports Psychologist Jason Selk gave an excellent presentation on how to develop self motivation in our players. The key point I got from that session is we as coaches are responsible for developing that self motivation and there are plenty of great tools to use. I agree with Jason that we probably have a much better chance at significantly changing the motivation of our players in the short term than significantly influencing their athleticism.

I also listened to Lieutenant Colonel David DiEungenio from the Marine Corps talk about team building the Marine Corps way and how it applied to sports. I was fortunate enough to go to dinner with him and a great group of youth coaches including 2010 Pop Warner National Champion head coach Jeff Miret, Florida High School champion Bill Powers from Jupiter Christian, Nike Speakers Kevin Justice and Dan Schlager. I rode over to dinner with the Colonel and worked with him to figure out how to apply one of the key components the Marines use to bring their units together.

While I always speak at these clinics, I go to learn as well. This clinic gave me three ideas I can use this next season to help our kids have a better experience, not to mention all the great new friends you make and the napkin drawing sessions in the hallways and classrooms. I can’t wait to implement some of the shared ideas as well as modified ones, the kids and parents are going to love it.

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